3M Science at Home for Distance Learning

More than one billion students have had their education disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All around the world, there have been forced closures of public and private schools and educators are scrambling to adapt to new forms of distance learning. To help schools, parents, and caregivers adjust to this new reality, 3M has launched Science at Home.

What is Science at Home?

Science at Home is an online video library of easy, at-home science experiments performed by 3M scientists and special guests.

The next generation of innovators is critical to our future in solving many of the global challenges we face today. With Science at Home and through our philanthropic focus on education, we are doing our part to support children with e-learning content and assistance with distance learning capacity building.

Denise Rutherford, 3M senior vice president of corporate affairs.
science at home
Image Source: 3M Science at Home

The experiments are designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old. They reinforce core scientific principles and are conducted with common household items. Over the next several months, the Science at Home program will post at least one new video experiment each week.

3M has worked closely with several educational partners to help bring this program to life, including Discovery EducationSt. Paul Public Schools, and the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis.

Science at Home Experiments

3M Science at Home
Image Source: 3M Science at Home

Check out the Science at Home videos that are currently available:

  • Push & Pull – Follow along with 3M’s Sam Reiss, as he shows you that magnetism is more than just a simple push and pull – it’s an example of the power of the earth itself.
  • Liquid Fireworks – Join 3M scientist Jeff Payne as he uses nothing more than milk, dish soap, and a few other kitchen supplies to get the amazing effects of fireworks without using any fire at all.
  • Inflation Station – Follow along with 3M’s Chief Science Advocate, Jayshree Seth, as she teaches students how chemistry can help put some air where it’s most needed!
  • Water Dome – How many water droplets do you think you can fit on a penny? Hint: it is more than you might think! Join 3M scientist Audrey Sherman to find out.
  • Fidget Spinner – Your teacher might not love when you have one in class, but the physics behind fidget spinners are truly head-spinning! Join 3M scientist Tesha R.-Alston Dampier as she shows you how a spinning motion changes the way things move.


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