Review: Cloth Pull-Up Diapers

With Gavin’s on-off potty training progress, I decided to buy him some cloth diaper pull-ups last year before I delivered Gareth.  To be honest, I was expecting him to regress even further once Gareth was born, though I’m glad to say that he’s faring quite well so far.  I bought him 3 Happy Heiny’s pocket pull-up diapers and 2 Loveybums pull-up diapers.

Here’s what we think now that we’ve used them:

Happy Heiny’s Pocket Pull-Up Diapers


Cost: USD 27 (each including delivery)

Use: It works similarly to Mommy’s Touch AIO Pocket Diapers where you insert a microfiber insert into the pocket except that it is not one-size-fits-all.  You can wear them like a diaper – snap the buttons after fitting it on your toddler, or you can fix the buttons and pull them on like training pants.

Pros: Microfiber insert is absorbent and we did not have any spills or leaks.  PUL outer cover is waterproof so there was no mess either.  Pocket diaper with removable insert makes it easier and quicker to wash and dry.

Cons: According to the website sizing, Gavin should have been a size S which was the size I bought for him.  When I tried to fit it onto Gavin, it was so tight around the thighs that Gavin complained it was uncomfortable. I had to leave the last button undone or he would refuse to wear it.  Additionally, the buttons come undone very easily so it is difficult to use it like a true pull-up.

Loveybums All-in-One Pull-Up Diapers


Cost: USD 28 (each including delivery)

Use: Either to be worn like a diaper or snap buttons into place and pull it on like pants.

Pros: Unlike Happy Heiny’s, the are more buttons on these so the sides hold fast when pulling them on or off.  Also much easier to slip on and off compared to Happy Heiny’s which is good for toddlers just learning how to put on and take off their own pants.  The fabric and garters are soft and very comfortable against the skin.

Cons: Very poor absorption – by that I mean that the inside layer of fabric seems almost like it repels fluid.  The first time I allowed Gavin to wear it to sleep during a nap.  He peed quite a fair bit.  When I undid the buttons, his urine spilled all over the floor because it had not been soaked up by the diaper.  Interestingly, it did not leak through the garters, though.

These two are the only two pull-up diapers I have tried and, sadly, neither one seems to be the perfect pull-up diaper.  What would have been perfect would have been a cross between the two diapers – the absorption of Happy Heiny’s in the design style of Loveybums.  Happy Heiny’s also requires better sizing directions if they intend to retail over the internet.  Gavin isn’t exactly fat but he is quite meaty around the thighs.

If I had to choose between the two of these, however, I would get Happy Heiny’s in a size up.  At least it absorbs urine which is the purpose of training pants in the event of an accident.

Anyone know of any other cloth pull-up diapers available out there?  Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments section below.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Cloth Pull-Up Diapers

  1. Linlin – Thanks for the link. I took up the trial offer and ordered some myself.

    MieVee – Ah… wish I’d seen your post earlier but thanks for letting me know. I’ve already bought the antsy pants diapers so I’ll give those a go first. Gavin’s already on underwear during the day but I need the pull up diapers for sleep because he still can’t control while he’s asleep. Because of that, we don’t really need that many pull-ups. We’ll wait until Gareth is potty training to see if we need more pull-up diapers.


  2. Hi Ashleigh – Gavin was 3 years old when I wrote this. I think the sizes are a bit small, but that said, Gavin was a “big” toddler. He was no featherweight and he had chunky thighs at this age.


  3. Anne – Yes, they did! They worked very well as “pull-up” cloth diapers and even look very similar in style to the disposable pull-ups. They were easy to pull up and down and the absorption could be adjusted by adding an insert. Definitely recommend them!


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