Toddler Regressions and School

Although Gavin has been adapting to school a lot better than I had hoped, there are some toddler regressions that you should expect so you can be prepared for them. 1. Toilet training When Gavin started school, he stopped wanting to wear his underwear and kept insisting he wanted to wear diapers instead.  He alsoContinue reading “Toddler Regressions and School”

Potty Training Lessons for Mummy

When I was working at my last company, I had to attend a market research insights workshop.  During the workshop, they gave the example of the importance of market research by citing an example where mothers were gathered together in a focused group discussion to talk about the latest diaper in the market. One ofContinue reading “Potty Training Lessons for Mummy”

Potty Training – When All Else Fails, There's Bribery

First the progress… After our recent poop successes, it has fallen back to a pattern of hits and misses.  The good thing is that Gavin is fairly receptive towards pooping into the toilet and he is clearly showing distress when poops in his diaper. As for the peeing part, I think I’ve discovered the trickContinue reading “Potty Training – When All Else Fails, There's Bribery”

Potty Training Progress

We seem to be making some headway after initiating our new potty training tactics after Gavin’s most recent regression.  Although we started the reward system about a month ago, we’ve only just started to see some positive results.  Looks like Gavin is more ready for toilet training than I had recently anticipated. Several days ago,Continue reading “Potty Training Progress”

Diaper-Free Part 3 – Practicing Going Diaper-Free

In my previous post, I looked at how parents can learn their baby’s elimination cues.  In this post we’ll look at some of the more practical aspects of going diaper-free. The Benefits of Going Diaper Free There are many benefits associated with practicing diaper-free: saves the environment – less disposable diapers, less washing of reusableContinue reading “Diaper-Free Part 3 – Practicing Going Diaper-Free”

Diaper-Free Part 2 – Learning Your Baby's Elimination Cues

Continuing on from my earlier post on the Diaper-Free Movement, this post examines how parents can learn to read their baby’s elimination cues and practice the art of going diaper-free. How Do You Learn a Baby’s Elimination Cues? There are essentially four ways you can do this, although a combination approach is usually the wayContinue reading “Diaper-Free Part 2 – Learning Your Baby's Elimination Cues”

What is the Diaper-Free Movement?

In some of my earlier posts, I wrote about the diaper-free movement – something I heard about early on in my parenting days with Gavin.  Although I did attempt to do this with Gavin, I confess that I wasn’t particularly active with it.  We had some successes and lots of regressions, and eventually ended upContinue reading “What is the Diaper-Free Movement?”

Toilet Training for a Boy

Ever since Gavin was little I have been attempting to toilet train him on and off.  Although most Potty Training books will tell you it’s useless trying to train a child that isn’t ready for it, I came across another school of thought called natural infant hygiene (also called elimination communication or infant potty training)Continue reading “Toilet Training for a Boy”