Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers

I would have said cool toys for boys but the girl child that I was would have enjoyed playing with this as well if only any of the adults thought it was an appropriate gift for a girl… Engino Models Engineering Sets These are great for budding, young scientists who enjoy working with their handsContinue reading “Science and Technology: Engineering Toys by Engino for Budding Engineers”

Technology Advances in Early Childhood Development

Have you ever noticed how precocious children are these days? Have you ever said to yourself, “Wow, children these days know so much more than I ever did at that age?” Every generation, appears to be “more advanced” than the generation before. For instance, in my parents generation, the majority of the population are unfamiliarContinue reading “Technology Advances in Early Childhood Development”

iPhone App Great for Writing Practice

After all those articles about no screen time for under twos, and limited screen time for those above two, I decided that when I got my iPhone 4, I wasn’t going to let the kids handle it.  I would not be downloading any apps for them and they would not be allowed to play onContinue reading “iPhone App Great for Writing Practice”

Learning to Read with Reader Pens

Reading pens seem to be all the rage for teaching young kids how to read these days.  The first of its kind to catch my eye was the Croco Pen, available in “Choo Choo Train”, MPH Bookstore and Times Bookstore.  Next up was the Leapfrog Tag Reader which I saw in Mothercare.  Then I spiedContinue reading “Learning to Read with Reader Pens”

Educational Resources: The Smart Board

This seems to be the latest tool in education lately.  Many of the international schools we’ve seen boast the usage of the Smart Board in their classes.  It seems to be one of the selling points – step aside textbook teaching, hello Smart Board! What is a Smart Board? In a nutshell, it is anContinue reading “Educational Resources: The Smart Board”