How to Keep Your Baby Happy in the Stroller

Although I generally promote holding baby and keeping baby close as much as possible, especially during the first year, there are times when you might need to put your baby into a stroller.  I’ve only had the benefit of experience with one baby so I don’t really know how the general population of babies reactContinue reading “How to Keep Your Baby Happy in the Stroller”

Getting Your Toddler to Accept the Stroller

Ever since Gavin was a baby, he has never really been fond of the stroller.  When he was really little (i.e. less than six months old), we could often convince him to lie in it for a while, but he would soon begin fussing to get out.  The fussing, if ignored, would escalate to cryingContinue reading “Getting Your Toddler to Accept the Stroller”