Activities and Games to Keep Little Hands and Minds Busy

If you are a homeschooling Mom and you have two or more children, I really hope you will share with me how you handle them both at the same time. I find that I always have to neglect one while I handle the other. It is difficult to get them both involved in constructive activitiesContinue reading “Activities and Games to Keep Little Hands and Minds Busy”

Dino-Mania – Our Recommended Dinosaur Resources

It is a well-known fact that children learn quickly and easily all the things that they want to learn. When they apply themselves to a task of their choosing, it is amazing what they can accomplish. Therefore it is the philosophy of many early childhood programs to follow your child’s lead. In fact, this isContinue reading “Dino-Mania – Our Recommended Dinosaur Resources”

Science Activities: Learning About Paleontology and Other Topics

I’ve been trying to feed Gavin’s newfound interest in paleontology so we got him a Dig-N-Build Stegosaurus from Toys R Us by Edu Science. It is basically some plastic fossils set in gypsum with a set of plastic digging tools to dig them out. Gavin seemed to have a lot of fun with it, althoughContinue reading “Science Activities: Learning About Paleontology and Other Topics”

School Holiday Activities: Dinosaurs Alive at the National Science Center!

Gavin’s growing interest in paleontology prompted me to make a visit to the National Science Center where they are having a dinosaur exhibition until 12 June 2011 (9-5pm). It was RM10 for me and free for the kids. To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed by what they had. I think the DinoTrek Exhibition atContinue reading “School Holiday Activities: Dinosaurs Alive at the National Science Center!”

Games that Teach Children about the Periodic Table Elements

If you liked the periodic table products from my last post on the subject, you may also like the WebElements Shop. I stumbled across this when I borrowed their elements atoms pictures for my flash cards. They have some pretty cool periodic table elements merchandise – two in particular that caught my eye: 1. ChemistryContinue reading “Games that Teach Children about the Periodic Table Elements”

Flash Cards: Types of Rocks

Gavin’s latest interest is the Magic School Bus series. The last time he’s been this obsessed with anything was Thomas and Friends. I suppose if he was going to get obsessed about anything, I should be glad it is the Magic School Bus which is educational in nature. Last night, we read The Magic SchoolContinue reading “Flash Cards: Types of Rocks”

Early Childhood Education: On Total Immersion and Developing Interests

Although Gavin’s speech and reading progress has been good, I have always worried about his disinterest in math. Fearing that math may be his weak link, I have been constantly in search of math programs in the hope that he would magically discover a passion for math. Why do I obsess about math? Well, IContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: On Total Immersion and Developing Interests”

The Magic School Bus Series by Scholastic

The Magic School Bus by Scholastic is a series of books and DVDs that teach children about science in a fun and entertaining way. It is not a new series (it’s been around since the late 1980s, I think) but it is a terrific way to introduce your child to science and to get themContinue reading “The Magic School Bus Series by Scholastic”

Learning with Music Part 2

Some time back I wrote a post about using educational songs to teach children about various subjects because my younger son has been demonstrating a strong inclination for music. Since then, I have heard of a couple of other Music CD/DVD programs that also teach various subjects through music. Here they are: 1. Peter WeatherallContinue reading “Learning with Music Part 2”