Thinking Games to Challenge the Mind

Why we should encourage children to play games that challenge the mind: Critical Thinking is vital in the age of the Internet Critical Thinking is one of the 7 essential life skills that every child needs Bright children don’t necessarily develop good thinking skills – it must be taught Logic and Reasoning is one of five important things thatContinue reading “Thinking Games to Challenge the Mind”

Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz

Oh my, oh my! How fun it is to be a child in this generation. I stumbled across another range of interesting science kits by Science Wiz while browsing through Borders. Check them out… About Science Wiz The award winning ScienceWiz line started in 1995 when with the release of their first title ScienceWiz Electricity. This cool line ofContinue reading “Science Resources: Science Kits by Science Wiz”