3M Science at Home for Distance Learning

More than one billion students have had their education disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All around the world, there have been forced closures of public and private schools and educators are scrambling to adapt to new forms of distance learning. To help schools, parents, and caregivers adjust to this new reality, 3M has launched Science at Home.Continue reading “3M Science at Home for Distance Learning”

Resources for Science Experiments

My boys love science experiments. There is something magical about chemical reactions and colour changes that captivate the boys so. We would dabble with those Science Kits in a Box like these: Ein-O Science Kits Science Wiz Science Kits National Geographic Science Kits Thames and Kosmos Lego Mindstorms Elenco Electronic Kits And play around with a few veryContinue reading “Resources for Science Experiments”