Right Brain Education – Home Materials

This post has been updated – see “Update: Right Brain Education Resources for Home Practice“. Gavin has been attending Heguru classes for two and a half months now.  He has warmed up considerably since the first lesson and now actively participates in class.  When I first signed him up for classes, I felt somewhat dubiousContinue reading “Right Brain Education – Home Materials”

Right Brain Kids Live Workshop

Right Brain Kids is offering a workshop for parents on how to maximise the first years of your child’s life by using the 12 gentle, yet powerful, educational techniques of the TweedleWink program. What you will learn: How to boost your child’s brain development in as little as 10 minutes a day How to teachContinue reading “Right Brain Kids Live Workshop”

Right Brain Kids on Tour in Malaysia

If you’re interested in right Brain training for your kids, you might like to stop by and visit Right Brain Kids at the following venues: March 19-21: MOTHERHOOD EXPO (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – that’s this weekend! April 9-11: SMART KIDS EDUCATION FAIR (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) They’ll be offering free talks about Right Brain Education, freeContinue reading “Right Brain Kids on Tour in Malaysia”

Heguru – Right Brain Creativity

Heguru is a right brain training program that is supposed to help enhance a child’s learning abilities.  It is very similar to the Shichida Method explained in this video. They claim 25 years of research and a proven effectiveness for improving comprehension, memory, analysis, innovation and creative skills.  By activating the right brain, we canContinue reading “Heguru – Right Brain Creativity”

Toddlers: After School Activities – Henguru

After assessing Gavin’s progress at school with the extended hours program, I’ve decided to cut back to the half day program.  My hope that he would follow the herd by eating better and sleeping more regularly during the afternoons does not appear to happening.  Although he did nap a couple of times at school, heContinue reading “Toddlers: After School Activities – Henguru”

Right Brain Kids – Tweedle Wink DVD Series

I mentioned some time back that I ordered some educational resources over the internet which included the Tweedle Wink educational DVD series from Right Brain Kids.  We finally got the DVDs and I started Gavin on them a few weeks back.  Here is a little bit more about it: Before I tell you about theContinue reading “Right Brain Kids – Tweedle Wink DVD Series”