Develop the Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

From the Heguru Handbook. It doesn’t matter how capable a person is if it is not used for the right purpose. Talents and abilities that are abused and used for the wrong purposes create negative results, such as the development of weapons or the conduct of criminal activities. To avoid the usage of such capabilitiesContinue reading “Develop the Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)”

Announcement: Right Brain Resources Winner!

Congratulations to willie, winner of the Right Brain Kids coupon, and to whyelse, winner of the Mercury Learning coupon. Right Brain Kids are the creators of the TweedleWink and Wink right brain programs. They are currently operating three right brain schools in Klang Valley, Malaysia. They sell a range of right brain resources and offerContinue reading “Announcement: Right Brain Resources Winner!”

Using Right Brain Imaging to Strengthen Parent-Child Bond

When I had Gavin, I thought it was hard work being a parent. Now that I have two children to balance my time between, it feels like I’m really discovering what “hard work” really means. I’m sure if I had a third child, I would redefine “hard work” yet again. As a parents, we growContinue reading “Using Right Brain Imaging to Strengthen Parent-Child Bond”

Understanding the Various Growth Processes

From Heguru Handbook. Most parents are aware that there are specific growth phases during which children are particularly rebellious. They are commonly referred to in parenting books as “The Terrible Threes” and the troublesome teenage years as children reach puberty. In the Heguru handbook, they make reference to three ages that are particularly trying forContinue reading “Understanding the Various Growth Processes”

Nurture Your Child by Observing the Kindness within Them

From the Heguru Handbook. Realise that all children are inherently good. Children do not misbehave just for the sake of misbehaving. There is usually some underlying cause or reason for bad behaviour. As parents, it is important for us to discover the underlying motivation for such behaviours and to correct those. Address these underlying issuesContinue reading “Nurture Your Child by Observing the Kindness within Them”

Special Promotion: New TweedleWink DVD Lessons!

Right Brain Kids has released the final three DVDs to their TweedleWink DVD collection! They’re available from March 18, 2011. From now until March 31, 2011, you can save $10 on each DVD.  Pay only $24.95 for each DVD instead of the regular price of $34.95. If you don’t have any of the TweedleWink DVDContinue reading “Special Promotion: New TweedleWink DVD Lessons!”

5 Methods to Bring Out the “Potential Ability” of Children

From the Heguru Parents’ Seminar. 1. Enlarge the container (capacity) of the brain. 2. Discover the methods and develop the inborn abilities of children. 3. Build the confidence in children and develop their potential abilities. 4. Develop your child’s emotional intelligence (EQ). 5. Develop their true thinking ability.

Update: Right Brain Education Resources for Home Practice

Practicing right brain activities at home with your child can be very time consuming especially when you have to make all your materials yourself. Unfortunately, Heguru doesn’t sell much aside from puzzles and Shichida only sells their materials to parents with children attending their school. I’ve written about resources for right brain education home practiceContinue reading “Update: Right Brain Education Resources for Home Practice”