Review: Combi Urban Baby Carrier

Here’s another two-in-one baby carrier / diaper bag – it’s the Combi Urban Baby Carrier. Like the Kemby Side-Kick, it is also a side carry.  The main advantage of Combi over the Kemby Side-Kick is that it is much more affordable.  I saw it at The First Few Years retailing at RM 229.  It isContinue reading “Review: Combi Urban Baby Carrier”

Review: Kemby Side-Kick Baby Carrier and Diaper Bag

I’ve always preferred wearing my babies around rather than lugging a stroller.  The local wheel-unfriendly terrain doesn’t exactly inspire me to bring out the stroller either.  As a result, going out with a baby usually meant going on a camping trip.  I would have baby in a carrier in front of me and the backpackContinue reading “Review: Kemby Side-Kick Baby Carrier and Diaper Bag”

Review: Pretty Printed Fleece Diapers

Before Gareth was born, I went on a cloth diaper rampage and both some new diapers for Gareth.  One of the sets of diapers I bought were from Pretty Printed on Etsy.  They were having a special promotion with 6 fleece diapers for the price of 5 (US$14 x 5 = 70).  The diapers includeContinue reading “Review: Pretty Printed Fleece Diapers”

Review: Antsy Pants Diapers

After expressing my disappointment with the two different cloth diaper pull-ups I bought for Gavin earlier when I was still potty training him during the day time, I was recommended to try Antsy Pants.  They offer a special promotion for new users – get an Antsy Pants diaper cover plus microfiber insert for USD25 withContinue reading “Review: Antsy Pants Diapers”

Review: Scootababy Carrier

After a lot of pondering, I finally bought the Scootababy.  What happened?  Gareth swiped my hand and I spilled my hot chocolate on the Ergo.  For three whole days I could not use the Ergo and had to carry Gareth in my arms or in the ring sling.  By the end of the first day,Continue reading “Review: Scootababy Carrier”

Review: Cloth Pull-Up Diapers

With Gavin’s on-off potty training progress, I decided to buy him some cloth diaper pull-ups last year before I delivered Gareth.  To be honest, I was expecting him to regress even further once Gareth was born, though I’m glad to say that he’s faring quite well so far.  I bought him 3 Happy Heiny’s pocketContinue reading “Review: Cloth Pull-Up Diapers”

VTech V. Smile: Thomas and Friends – Engines Working Together

I know I shouldn’t have – but I did… I bought Gavin the V.Smile TV Learning System with the Thomas and Friends Engines Working Together game.  After my disastrous attempt to purchase the download rights to the other Thomas and Friends PC games, I figured I would play it safe and buy something I couldContinue reading “VTech V. Smile: Thomas and Friends – Engines Working Together”

Art Class: Painting with Crayola Finger Paints

While I was shopping at Isetan in KLCC, I came across the Crayola finger paints in the stationery section.  On a whim, I decided to get some for Gavin.  They cost me RM20 (or thereabouts) for 4 large tubes of paint – much cheaper than the Pelikan ones. I like the tubes because you canContinue reading “Art Class: Painting with Crayola Finger Paints”

Home Schooling – Week Two in Review

Since we’re into the early days of my homeschooling experience with Gavin, I thought I should keep up the practice of reviewing the activities we did in the previous week so that I may better learn from them and improve upon my “curriculum” for future weeks.  My original plan was to run a timetable withContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week Two in Review”

Review: Crayola Mess Free Colour Wonder Finger Paints

While we were down in Singapore, I saw this on sale at Isetan: I’d never seen them before in Malaysia, so I decided to get it for Gavin since he enjoys painting so much and I detest cleaning up.  I confess that I was won over by the “mess free” description.  Plus, it was onContinue reading “Review: Crayola Mess Free Colour Wonder Finger Paints”