The Importance of Selecting the Right Pre-School

These days even picking a pre-school requires in depth background research.  There are so many early childhood programs available, it would be a mistake to blindly send your child to the pre-school down the road.  Admittedly I didn’t really do much research since my concern was largely about whether I could get Gavin to acceptContinue reading “The Importance of Selecting the Right Pre-School”

Review: Disney's Phonics Quest

When my parents were in Singapore, they bought Gavin Disney’s Phonics Quest.  It is a CD ROM game intended to teach children from kindergarten to learn how to read.  Although it is labeled for ages 5-8, I’ve already introduced Gavin to it. I was intending to record a video review of this game because IContinue reading “Review: Disney's Phonics Quest”

Early Child Development: When Are There Too Many Programs?

I mentioned in my previous post that it has been difficult to work on these early child development programs with an infant when you have an older child present.  However, now that I consider the scope of these early child development programs in their entirety, I’m just wondering how any parent manages to do allContinue reading “Early Child Development: When Are There Too Many Programs?”

Review: DreamBox Learning K-2 Math

I received an email to check this new online math game for children some time back.  It’s called DreamBox Learning.  They were offering a free trial, so I signed up to give it a go. What is DreamBox Learning? It is an interactive, online program designed to engage children and teach them math through aContinue reading “Review: DreamBox Learning K-2 Math”