Homeschool Week 7: Activities We Did Last Week

I’m not really sure how long more I’m going to keep up with these posts because we seem to be doing less and less as the weeks go by – more due to fatigue and morning sickness on my part though I keep promising to make it up to Gavin when I feel more aliveContinue reading “Homeschool Week 7: Activities We Did Last Week”

Homeschool Week 6: Activities from the Previous Week

Last week was not a great week in terms of being active, but here’s a brief overview of the things we did… We went to Playland – twice!  Gavin is really starting to enjoy his visits here and often asks to go whenever he recognises that we’re in the shopping mall where the “playground” is. Continue reading “Homeschool Week 6: Activities from the Previous Week”

Home Schooling – Week 5: The Things We Did

Here’s what we did last week: Sorting coloured buttons (a Montessori activity I read about some Montessori books): We played with some old “new” toys that Gavin hadn’t seen in ages: We went to see the DinoTrek Exhibition in KLCC: We went to see the PetroSains Discovery Center: We finished painting our sun catchers: GavinContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week 5: The Things We Did”

Home Schooling – Week 3: What We Learned This Week

Here’s a quick summary of what we did last week… Gavin made sun catchers. Well, okay, I held his hand and guided him while he squeezed the tube of paint.  Here’s one that’s drying. This is one that has just been painted.  When the paint dries, it becomes transparent. The inspiration for this activity firstContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week 3: What We Learned This Week”

Sights and Sounds: The National Science Center

Thursday last week, Gavin and I paid a visit to the National Science Center.  It is located opposite the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club near Hartamas (see map).  The opening hours are Saturday to Thursday 9am-5pm (closed Friday).  Entry is RM6 for adults and RM3 for children.  For children under 6 years old, admission is free.Continue reading “Sights and Sounds: The National Science Center”

Milo Cereal Animal World PC Games

I saw these at Jaya Jusco in The Alpha Angle: Nestle has a special promotion including a free PC game with their children’s breakfast cereals.  The box of cereal was also on special at about RM7.50 (or thereabouts) – which is about a dollar off the regular price. Since Gavin loves eating Milo cereal, IContinue reading “Milo Cereal Animal World PC Games”

Home Schooling – A Week in Review

So here’s how my first week officially home schooling Gavin went: On Monday, we went to the play gym and did a little Signing Time in the evening.  Gavin seems to have mixed reactions to the play gym because sometimes he’s keen to go and other times he doesn’t want it.  When we arrived onContinue reading “Home Schooling – A Week in Review”

Funny Friday: Cause and Effect

Gavin got a Thomas and Friends Big Big Loader for his birthday.  Although it is largely a fairly passive toy that requires him to watch Thomas, Jack and Cranky at work, he often tries to help them out by picking up the little balls of coal. Unfortunately, that also means he drops them.  One ofContinue reading “Funny Friday: Cause and Effect”

Tell Me Thursday – Music Class

Here’s the scoop from the first ever music class I tried to organise for Gavin… I started by collecting all his noise-making toys into a box and presenting it to him to try one by one.  If I could read Gavin’s mind, I think he must have thought, “Boring, Mummy,” because we were through allContinue reading “Tell Me Thursday – Music Class”