Music Resources for Perfect Pitch Training

G1 has been using the piano maestro app as part of his practice for a while when he showed me how he had extended its application. He went back to the early lessons and tried to sing the notes rather than play them with the piano. If he could get the tone right, the app would recognise itContinue reading “Music Resources for Perfect Pitch Training”

Early Music Training: Perfect Pitch

Gareth was a musical baby. He loves music and he reacts strongly to it. Although many children respond well to music, I like to think that Gareth has a stronger than average affinity for music that signifies some innate musical potential. Naturally, I’ve been trying to find ways to develop his musical interest and haveContinue reading “Early Music Training: Perfect Pitch”

Recommended Music Apps for iPhone and iPad

Perhaps this is a misconception, but I seem to get the impression that music is not one of the subjects that is deemed very important for early childhood development. If you are interested in your child’s brain development, then music is very important. Aside from that, there are so many other benefits of teaching yourContinue reading “Recommended Music Apps for iPhone and iPad”

How to Help Your Child Develop Perfect Pitch

One of the things that Right Brain Training tries to teach your child is Perfect Pitch. I’ve always been fascinated with Perfect Pitch because I can’t hear an off-key to save my life.  I think that’s the downside of learning the piano – you never have to learn to tune your instrument because someone elseContinue reading “How to Help Your Child Develop Perfect Pitch”