Random Musings from a Second Time Mum-to-be

It’s funny how my brain has gone into overdrive now that I know I am expecting number two… After the initial ecstasy that the discovery of being pregnant brings comes the fear and uncertainty of how I will cope with two children.  “You’ll manage,” I hear the words of encouragement from friends.  And I’m sureContinue reading “Random Musings from a Second Time Mum-to-be”

Why Do Toddlers Misbehave? – Part 2

I wrote about this some time back, but now I feel a need to expand further… I hate to use the word misbehave because it implies that toddlers are inherently naughty when that isn’t really the case. Unfortunately, that is what most parents think – or at least the ones from the generation before usContinue reading “Why Do Toddlers Misbehave? – Part 2”

Toddler Management and Distraction Tactics

When I was studying dentistry, we had a subject where we were taught how to manage children in the dental surgery. It is ironic that I’m only remembering these tips now, but I’ve found them to be pretty useful not just for managing a child in a dental surgery but a child who is aboutContinue reading “Toddler Management and Distraction Tactics”

Home Schooling – Week 4: The Continuation

Here is what we did this week: We went to the Butterfly Park and saw butterflies, bugs, insects, turtles and fish. We painted with water colours for the first time: We made a dragon: We visited the Bird Park and saw Peafowl, Hornbills, Flamingos, Eagles, Emus, Ostriches, Love Birds, Parakeets and other birds: We wentContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week 4: The Continuation”

QoW: What's Your Edu-Parent Style?

This is an interesting article I received from DreamBox Learning which I wrote about some time back.  Here is the full newsletter.  The article is about educational parenting styles, which is a topic that I have been particularly interested in lately.  At the end of the article, you can take a quiz to identify whatContinue reading “QoW: What's Your Edu-Parent Style?”

Home Schooling – Week 3: What We Learned This Week

Here’s a quick summary of what we did last week… Gavin made sun catchers. Well, okay, I held his hand and guided him while he squeezed the tube of paint.  Here’s one that’s drying. This is one that has just been painted.  When the paint dries, it becomes transparent. The inspiration for this activity firstContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week 3: What We Learned This Week”

Funny Friday: The Napkin Holder

Gavin was slightly over a year old when this happened… We were sitting at a restaurant in the club and Gavin was helping himself to the napkins in the napkin holder.  My FIL then said, “Gavin, stop playing with the napkins and put them back.” Gavin stopped mid-action and looked my FIL straight in theContinue reading “Funny Friday: The Napkin Holder”

Practicalities of Being a Textbook Mum

I’ve often been accused of being too much of a textbook Mum and that I ought to listen more to my own instincts or to follow the age-old parenting advice that has been passed on from generation to generation.  Well, here is where I get into a bit of a fix… 1. Listening to my own instincts IContinue reading “Practicalities of Being a Textbook Mum”

The Stand Against Corporal Punishment

I confess that I was never always against the idea of corporal punishment.  At one stage, I even believed that if you “spare the rod”, you “spoil the child”.  My only defence lies in the fact that I believed it back in days before I became a parent.  I used to think that juvenile delinquents existedContinue reading “The Stand Against Corporal Punishment”

Choosing a Parenting Style

I was browsing through a blog by Casia Talbert called Healthy Moms recently and came across one of her older posts about the topic of Parenting in which she asked her readers to share their thoughts.  With Gavin demonstrating a more willful nature of late and melting down into more frequent temper tantrums, I findContinue reading “Choosing a Parenting Style”