Good Practices for Encouraging Positive Behaviour

As G1 grows up, we have observed cyclical patterns of difficult behaviours. Although he is generally my “good” kid, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge these very trying periods that often make me question the kind of parent I have been. Perhaps that’s what makes it even harder for me to accept – the fact that he is my “good”Continue reading “Good Practices for Encouraging Positive Behaviour”

Qi Gong for Kids for Calming, Healing and Physical Benefits

Coincidentally, after reading about the practice of Qigong and reaching the alpha state, my FIL suggested that I look for Qigong classes to send Aristotle. He felt they would be good for helping Aristotle calm his mind and control his emotional state – which has been quite high-strung lately. Okay, my FIL didn’t use those wordsContinue reading “Qi Gong for Kids for Calming, Healing and Physical Benefits”