Working Out in the Mind Gym

G2 got a basketball game set for his birthday and G1 was the collateral beneficiary… While watching G1 practice his shots, I had a sudden inspiration to teach him about visualisation and mental rehearsals. I asked him to picture throwing the ball in his mind and seeing the ball fall through the hoop. Then I asked him to shoot.Continue reading “Working Out in the Mind Gym”

Visualisation – Mental Rehearsal for the Brain Can Significantly Improve Performance

In rock climbing, we called it “visualisation” – a practice of mentally rehearsing the moves you are going to make before you start climbing. I used to visualise all my project routes because I read in The Mind Gym that the brain does not differentiate between a real memory of something that really happened and something we just played inContinue reading “Visualisation – Mental Rehearsal for the Brain Can Significantly Improve Performance”