What is Your Toddler's Learning Style – Part 2

I’ve been pondering a lot more about Gavin’s learning style and trying to find some sort of quiz I can do to help me figure it out.  So far, I’ve come across two – one by Scholastic, which seems more appropriate for older children, and Kaboose. I tried out Kaboose and got the following results,Continue reading “What is Your Toddler's Learning Style – Part 2”

What are Your Children's Learning Styles?

There was an interesting article in Baby Center about children’s learning styles.  According to the article, children are either auditory, visual or physical learners.  The purpose of figuring out which style of learning your child favours is that you can help your child do better at school and increase his interest in learning by capitalisingContinue reading “What are Your Children's Learning Styles?”