Martial Arts: Judo – Day of the Judoka

Some three years ago, I insisted that G1 pick up Judo for the following reasons: sports and physical activities are good for brain development physical activity offers health and fitness benefits martial arts are good for self-defense they develop confidence, focus, and concentration martial arts cultivate respect and discipline they teach persistence, resolve and perseveranceContinue reading “Martial Arts: Judo – Day of the Judoka”

Judo Belt – Celebrating the Little Victories…

One year ago, G1 earned his orange belt in Judo. Two weeks ago, he got his highly sought after promotion to green… The road to success, especially in a field that is not your element, can be long and arduous. It is easy to give in and give up. So we must celebrate the little accomplishments, be gratefulContinue reading “Judo Belt – Celebrating the Little Victories…”

Martial Arts: Judo – Rise of the Judoka

ju·do·ka noun Meaning: a person who practices or is an expert in judo. G1 earned a double promotion and won his orange belt for Judo yesterday. It was a proud moment for us (and him, especially). We’ve never considered him to be particularly athletic so this was a pretty major achievement. It has always beenContinue reading “Martial Arts: Judo – Rise of the Judoka”