Parent Engagement Increase Children’s School Performance

As parents, we’re always looking for ways to help our children do better at school. One way that really works, according to John Hattie, is “Parent Engagement“. When we are committed to our children’s education (as defined below), the net positive effect can be as much as adding another two to three years of schooling experience. That kind of impactContinue reading “Parent Engagement Increase Children’s School Performance”

Visible Learning into Action – Real Success Stories Around the World

“In nearly every school, success is around us; if only we had the courage to reliably identify and esteem it.” – John Hattie There have been a lot of recommendations on how to make our school education system better for our children – some of it backed by research, some not. While many of these recommendationsContinue reading “Visible Learning into Action – Real Success Stories Around the World”