Recommended iPhone and iPad Apps for Preschoolers

In my haste to publish my post on Montessori Apps for the iPhone and iPad, I missed a few other apps that we like. Some of these aren’t Montessori-inspired but the boys enjoy playing with them. Logic (only available for iPad) by PopAppFactory is a game of matching shapes, colours, letters, numbers and pictures andContinue reading “Recommended iPhone and iPad Apps for Preschoolers”

Montessori Apps for iPad and iPhone

I realise that a “Montessori app” is probably a bit of a paradox but there are some really good Montessori inspired apps for the iPhone and iPad that can be used to supplement the learning experiences of your littlest ones. I wouldn’t underestimate the learning power of simply “going through the motions” either as GarethContinue reading “Montessori Apps for iPad and iPhone”

Interactive Books Available on the iPhone and iPad

Last year, I wrote about reader pens for teaching children to read and I contemplated getting one for Gavin. Well I didn’t end up getting one in the end and I’m glad I didn’t because it would have become redundant now that Gavin can read interactive books from the iPad and iPhone. Yup, this isContinue reading “Interactive Books Available on the iPhone and iPad”