Watch Out! It’s Dragon Fever!

Happy Reading If you’re stuck for a series of books to introduce to your child, you won’t go wrong with Cressida Cowell’s “How to Train Your Dragon”. This is a marvelous series of books that has been and still is one of G1’s all-time favourite books. Cressida¬†Cowell has a knack for story-telling with¬†a wit thatContinue reading “Watch Out! It’s Dragon Fever!”

Apps: Brain Games – How to Train Your Dragon

Aristotle is really into dragons lately – especially How to Train Your Dragon. Like everything else he discovers a passion for, he’s been going after all things Dragon – from the movie to the How to Train Your Dragon book series by Cressida Cowell and anything else he can get his hot little hands on.Continue reading “Apps: Brain Games – How to Train Your Dragon”