Homeschooling Curriculum: The Montessori Method

I first heard about the Montessori Method over two years ago when I was trying to find out more about it for Aristotle. We’ve come a long way since then and everything I have seen and heard about the Montessori Method confirms all the benefits of the program. The results have been so positive thatContinue reading “Homeschooling Curriculum: The Montessori Method”

Homeschooling Curriculum: Charlotte Mason

As part of my effort to supplement Aristotle’s home education and to create a curriculum for Hercules, I have been look at different curricula to get ideas that I can implement. Yesterday, I looked at the Sidney Ledson Program. Today, we’re looking at the Charlotte Mason Method. Most of my information on the Charlotte MasonContinue reading “Homeschooling Curriculum: Charlotte Mason”

Homeschool Curriculum: Sidney Ledson for Intellectual Advancement

Okay, so maybe homeschool curriculum might not be exactly the right term since Aristotle goes to school. Perhaps what I should be calling it is our supplementary homeschool curriculum. And because it is supposed to be supplementary, the intention is not to adopt a full-scale homeschool curriculum but to implement elements of one. Although IContinue reading “Homeschool Curriculum: Sidney Ledson for Intellectual Advancement”

Parent-Child Extra-Curricular Activities

There are so many activities that children can get involved with. Even when you limit them to the Top 5, it can still sometimes be difficult to find the time to fit them all into your schedule. Yes – your child’s schedule is tough, but yours is even tighter because you have to be there.Continue reading “Parent-Child Extra-Curricular Activities”

Homeschool Week 7: Activities We Did Last Week

I’m not really sure how long more I’m going to keep up with these posts because we seem to be doing less and less as the weeks go by – more due to fatigue and morning sickness on my part though I keep promising to make it up to Gavin when I feel more aliveContinue reading “Homeschool Week 7: Activities We Did Last Week”

Homeschool Week 6: Activities from the Previous Week

Last week was not a great week in terms of being active, but here’s a brief overview of the things we did… We went to Playland – twice!  Gavin is really starting to enjoy his visits here and often asks to go whenever he recognises that we’re in the shopping mall where the “playground” is. Continue reading “Homeschool Week 6: Activities from the Previous Week”

Home Schooling – Week 5: The Things We Did

Here’s what we did last week: Sorting coloured buttons (a Montessori activity I read about some Montessori books): We played with some old “new” toys that Gavin hadn’t seen in ages: We went to see the DinoTrek Exhibition in KLCC: We went to see the PetroSains Discovery Center: We finished painting our sun catchers: GavinContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week 5: The Things We Did”

Art Class: Painting with Water Colours

Last week, I introduced Gavin to watercolour paints.  I bought a set of Pelikan watercolours for toddlers for RM19.90 at Times Bookstore – much cheaper than the Pelikan finger paints which cost me about RM34 for the kit. The set comes with 3 stencils, 4 pots of paint, 1 paint brush and a plastic artContinue reading “Art Class: Painting with Water Colours”

Home Schooling – Week 4: The Continuation

Here is what we did this week: We went to the Butterfly Park and saw butterflies, bugs, insects, turtles and fish. We painted with water colours for the first time: We made a dragon: We visited the Bird Park and saw Peafowl, Hornbills, Flamingos, Eagles, Emus, Ostriches, Love Birds, Parakeets and other birds: We wentContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week 4: The Continuation”