Home Schooling – Week 3: What We Learned This Week

Here’s a quick summary of what we did last week… Gavin made sun catchers. Well, okay, I held his hand and guided him while he squeezed the tube of paint.  Here’s one that’s drying. This is one that has just been painted.  When the paint dries, it becomes transparent. The inspiration for this activity firstContinue reading “Home Schooling – Week 3: What We Learned This Week”

Home Schooling – A Week in Review

So here’s how my first week officially home schooling Gavin went: On Monday, we went to the play gym and did a little Signing Time in the evening.  Gavin seems to have mixed reactions to the play gym because sometimes he’s keen to go and other times he doesn’t want it.  When we arrived onContinue reading “Home Schooling – A Week in Review”