Games that Teach Children about the Periodic Table Elements

If you liked the periodic table products from my last post on the subject, you may also like the WebElements Shop. I stumbled across this when I borrowed their elements atoms pictures for my flash cards. They have some pretty cool periodic table elements merchandise – two in particular that caught my eye: 1. ChemistryContinue reading “Games that Teach Children about the Periodic Table Elements”

PlayMate, AMIQ and Other IQ Games

If you read my blog posts last year on Logico and Fun Thinkers, you might be interested in these IQ Games from Brainet. PlayMate – which looks a lot like the Logico series: AMIQ – which is similar to Fun Thinkers: Brainet also offers other IQ Games from the range of Smart Games:     Logic games help toContinue reading “PlayMate, AMIQ and Other IQ Games”

String Game & Verse – Waldorf Enrichment teaches you how make the string game “The Mosquito” into a string story. Watch the story and learn how to do the string game too! These projects are also useful for children not following a Waldorf program. Contact Kristie at for information on Waldorf Enrichment in your home. Waldorf education can enrich yourContinue reading “String Game & Verse – Waldorf Enrichment”

Mammals Nature Activity Book: Educational Games & Activities for Kids of All Ages (Children’s Nature Activity Book)

Designed to complement the K–12 curriculum, this entertaining activity book features dozens of nature-related games, quizzes, and classroom activities that engage children to learn about mammals, nature, and natural sciences. List Price: $ 6.95 Price: $ 6.95

Alternatives to Heguru Puzzle Games

At Heguru, there are a number of puzzle games you can purchase from their store for home use. They have puzzles like Tangrams and Iroita which the children currently use in class, but there are others as well. While shopping on the weekend, I noticed some ThinkFun puzzles at a toy display which look similarContinue reading “Alternatives to Heguru Puzzle Games”

Educational iPhone Apps for the Kids

After my recent experience with the iPhone Writing App, I went searching for more iPhone Apps for Gavin. I figured he usurps my phone anyway, so why not let him do something functional rather than reading my SMS messages and taking lots of random photos with my camera function… So these are some of theContinue reading “Educational iPhone Apps for the Kids”

Brain Quest: Learning Made Fun

We were in Borders on the weekend and I noticed that Brain Quest books were 20% off. Although I’d seen Brain Quest around before, I never really seriously considered it because we already had so many activity books. But what I liked about Brain Quest was the subject matter that it covered. They had aContinue reading “Brain Quest: Learning Made Fun”

More Attention Builders for Little Ones from 6 to 18 Months

6-18 Months Reach out and grasp: from about 6 months, you can shake a rattle within reach of your baby and encourage him to reach out for it.  Let him take it and help him shake it.  Talk to him about the action and the rattle using Parentese. Interactive food books: play food games usingContinue reading “More Attention Builders for Little Ones from 6 to 18 Months”

More Attention Builders for Little Ones from Birth to 6 Months

Continuing on from my earlier post on attention builders for babies, here are more specific activities you can do with your baby: 0-6 Months Looking and listening to a book: Beginning from about 3-6 months, you can start “reading” to your baby.  Using board books or cloth books with simple, clear images (Jill Stamm recommendsContinue reading “More Attention Builders for Little Ones from Birth to 6 Months”