Early Reading: Benefits of Starting Early

An interesting point about early reading came up in a conversation I had recently with my mother when we were talking about my old Peter and Jane books. My mother remarked that both my brother and I learned to read on our own and that all children would eventually learn to read without intervention. Well, IContinue reading “Early Reading: Benefits of Starting Early”

Children’s Books: Oops! A Preston Pig Story

It is often said that it is more difficult to get boys into reading than girls.  Girls read more than boys – The Observer: More girls than boys spend at least 30 minutes a day reading for pleasure in all OECD countries with the exception of Korea, according to Knowledge and Skills for Life: First Results fromContinue reading “Children’s Books: Oops! A Preston Pig Story”

Celebrating Early Reading

Why is reading so important and why should we get it right from the start? There is a very long but interesting article I read recently: “Why our future depends on libraries, reading, and daydreaming” by Neil Gaiman. If you can’t get through all of it, then just read these bits… The inverse relationship betweenContinue reading “Celebrating Early Reading”

BrillKids’ Little Reader Version 3 – Better than Ever!

If you’ve been wondering about the dearth of new Little Reader flash cards being released, it’s because we’ve been busy beta testing the newest and latest version of BrillKid’s Little Reader – Version 3. If you already have Little Reader, you can go upgrade your copy now (all BrillKids’ license holders get free upgrades to theContinue reading “BrillKids’ Little Reader Version 3 – Better than Ever!”

Early Literacy – is Early Important?

There is an interesting article on early literacy on the Pacific Standard written by Janet Hopson (contributor to Scientific American, Smithsonian, and Psychology Today) titled: “Infant Intelligentsia: Can Babies Learn to Read? And Should They?” It is a very long article but a very good read. If you don’t have time to go through it,Continue reading “Early Literacy – is Early Important?”

When it Comes to Learning How to Read – Earlier is Better

The benefits of early literacy are many (more reasons here). Here’s why: In a study from the University of Leicester, they found that early word recognition is key to lifelong reading skills. – Science Daily This is because: A child’s early reading experience is critical to the development of his lifelong reading skills. The ageContinue reading “When it Comes to Learning How to Read – Earlier is Better”

Early Literacy: Even More Reasons to Start Early

Another one for the case for early literacy. Although 99% of children eventually learn to read in school, the main reason for the push for early literacy is not necessarily to give your child a headstart in school, but to ensure that he is functionally literate as highlighted by KL on the BrillKids blog: TheContinue reading “Early Literacy: Even More Reasons to Start Early”

Your Baby Can’t Read?

If you’ve heard of the CCFC’s complaint against Your Baby Can Read, then you will be interested to read a follow-up by Dr Richard Gentry on this subject. There seems to be a lot of experts claiming that babies aren’t developed enough to read and yet there are plenty of parents who successfully teach theirContinue reading “Your Baby Can’t Read?”