Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 2

Part 1 Gareth has finished going through the black and white visual stimulation cards so I’ve started him on the red dot cards and words from “family”, “things around the house”, and “parts of the body”.  Gareth is enjoying the program and looks attentively whenever I bring out the cards.  I find the best timeContinue reading “Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 2”

Glenn Doman Teaching Philosophies for Reading

There are several things to keep in mind when following the Glenn Doman flash card method… Keep it fun – always make sure that your child is in a good mood when introducing the cards.  Keep your voice bright and cheerful. If your child is sick, give the program a break and resume when yourContinue reading “Glenn Doman Teaching Philosophies for Reading”

Introducing Glenn Doman to a Baby and a Toddler

This is day 3 since I received the Glenn Doman kits. Gavin’s Program: Math: learning to recognise red dot cards from one to ten (they did say that Gavin was probably too old to be starting this but I thought I’d just give it a go and see how he responds to it first.  Heck! Continue reading “Introducing Glenn Doman to a Baby and a Toddler”

Infant Educational Programs – When do you Begin?

After reading up on strabismus in infants, I’ve been giving some more thought to all those early childhood education programs for babies.  Many of the programs list birth as the recommended age for commencing the program, however, since babies can’t see very well at birth, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of flashing cards at them?Continue reading “Infant Educational Programs – When do you Begin?”

Early Childhood Education – Flash Card Learning Update

Quite some time back I bought Gavin a whole series of early childhood education DVDs with the intention of starting him on a home schooling program.  Although we ended up going the way of the playschool, I’m glad to say we still use the DVDs. Gavin’s initial response to the material wasn’t quite as hotContinue reading “Early Childhood Education – Flash Card Learning Update”

What Happens When Your Child Doesn't like His Teacher?

Around about Thursday last week, we started to observe some reservations from Gavin about going to school again.  For reasons unknown (although I have my own suspicions which I will write about later), he was a little more teary when I went to pick him up.  The principal explained that Gavin wasn’t keen to joinContinue reading “What Happens When Your Child Doesn't like His Teacher?”

The Secret to Getting Your Toddler to Accept School

Once again, I have underestimated my toddler…  Monday came around and I expected a renewed fuss from Gavin about going to school.  They say that after a weekend, you  may find yourself back at square one when trying to help your child adjust to school.  Armed with that awareness, I braced myself for Monday morning.Continue reading “The Secret to Getting Your Toddler to Accept School”

Helping Your Toddler Adjust to School

This has been a tough one and I profess that I am no expert on the subject.  Disturbed by Gavin’s crying episodes and the guilt of abandoning him I decided to ask my cousin who has had the experience of sending two kids to creche to share some the wisdom of her experiences and knowledgeContinue reading “Helping Your Toddler Adjust to School”