Early Childhood Education: On Motivation and Trying New Things

As much as I really wanted Gavin to learn music, I’m afraid we haven’t been progressing very well. He isn’t the easiest of children to motivate and being 4 years old and stubbornly headstrong, all I can do is suggest things and hope that he’s willing to give it a go. Whatever it is thatContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: On Motivation and Trying New Things”

Testing Your Child’s Knowledge Kills the Interest to Learn

According to Doman philosophy, you should never, never “test” your child in an effort to find out what he has learned. Doman claims this to be the downfall of schools – testing children. Nobody likes to be tested, and least of all, the children. And if you test your child, Doman warns, you will killContinue reading “Testing Your Child’s Knowledge Kills the Interest to Learn”

Early Childhood Education: Mental Math Programs

Math has never really been a subject that interested Gavin. Whenever we’re working on his Math activity books, I find he gets bored of them really fast and he wants to move on to something new. Because of that, I’ve been looking for ways to introduce Math to him so that he’ll not only likeContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: Mental Math Programs”

Early Childhood Education – Why Earlier is Better

There are a lot of criticisms from experts on early learning programs and while I understand the need for skepticism when there is a commercial industry booming with early learning products promising to transform babies into little Einsteins, I find it disappointing when they fail to get their facts right. It’s just as bad asContinue reading “Early Childhood Education – Why Earlier is Better”

Early Childhood Education: Is My Child Really Learning Anything?

Some of the parents I have spoken to about early childhood development have lamented that despite the efforts they have put into their child’s development, they don’t feel that their child is learning as much as they had hoped. I have often responded to this concern by explaining that children know a lot more thanContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: Is My Child Really Learning Anything?”

Reviewing the Case for Early Childhood Education

There is a lot of controversy over early learning. Some parents are all for it, others ask, “What’s the rush?” Robert Titzer (creator of “Your Baby Can Read“) and Doman have said that “children love to learn”. Doman has numerous books to show how parents can utilise this innate love for learning to help theirContinue reading “Reviewing the Case for Early Childhood Education”

Young Children are Little Learning Sponges

When it comes to early childhood education, the general advice is “just teach, don’t test”.  Relax and have fun and you can be assured that your child is learning.  Invariably, when there is no feedback coming from our children, there is this insatiable desire to test.  I admit, I’ve not been able to resist temptationContinue reading “Young Children are Little Learning Sponges”

Early Childhood Education: Working with the Older Child

To continue on from where I left off in my previous post about starting formal education early for children… Although it is not impossible to teach an older child, it does require more creativity and effort from the teacher.  Take Gavin for example – I need to be extra resourceful to make my lessons interestingContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: Working with the Older Child”

Early Childhood Education: When to Begin? The Younger the Better

Okay, I know the title isn’t factually correct since children are learning all the time – especially when they are playing.  I guess what I’m referring to are those sessions when we’re trying to teach them something specific.  Aside from sounding kiasu because I want to start my youngest who is only 5 months currentlyContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: When to Begin? The Younger the Better”

Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 3

Part 1, Part 2. The progress so far… Gavin has stopped all the flash cards.  He isn’t interested – period.  On occasion, when I bring out the cards for Gareth, he will tell me he wants to do them, too, and lie down beside his brother.  Sometimes he recites the words after me, sometimes heContinue reading “Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 3”