Books for Parents: Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen

A problem child is only a problem child because we don’t know how to handle them. The best way to figure them out (if we’re stuck for ideas) is to read widely, get as many other suggestions as possible, then figure it out through trial and error. Hercules has been my problem child. Unlike Aristotle,Continue reading “Books for Parents: Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen”

Parenting: Discipline – Let’s Stop the Yelling

Yes. I have been yelling a lot at the kids even though I know it’s as bad as smacking them. It’s obvious that I’ve regressed to the primitive mode of reacting and I’m stuck in a hole so I started looking for help when I came across the article “Why Yelling Doesn’t Work” and it took meContinue reading “Parenting: Discipline – Let’s Stop the Yelling”

Books for Parents: Stop Reacting and Start Responding

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with Hercules lately and it is obvious that my current arsenal of disciplinary tactics aren’t working for me because all I ever seem to do is yell even though I know I shouldn’t and even though it is not effective at all. So I figured it was time toContinue reading “Books for Parents: Stop Reacting and Start Responding”

Parenting with Empathy – Getting Past the Trying Behaviours

Aristotle was a difficult baby and toddler but once he passed the three year old mark, I found that he became a lot easier to handle. I could understand him and I knew how to handle him. Although he sometimes pushes my hot buttons, he is generally really pleasant to have around. He’s the kindContinue reading “Parenting with Empathy – Getting Past the Trying Behaviours”

Behaviour Management: The Bucket Analogy

Aristotle is going through a phase. At least I’d like to think it’s just a phase and not because I’m failing at my role of being a parent. To put it simply, he’s been obnoxious. It’s tough swallowing that when I know he can behave so beautifully sometimes that it just blows me away andContinue reading “Behaviour Management: The Bucket Analogy”

Discussion: Modern Parenting and Protecting Our Children

Aristotle hit a teacher recently. Correction – he swiped a teacher with his cap. I was mortified. I went on a rampage. When Aristotle was little, I gave him 3 cardinal rules: Don’t hurt others. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t destroy property. Everything else went on a case by case basis but there were no exceptionsContinue reading “Discussion: Modern Parenting and Protecting Our Children”

Discipline: Setting Boundaries

Following in the tradition of “why chinese mothers are superior“, a new parenting book has hit the market with “why french parents are superior“. The book is called “Bringing Up Bebe” and it is written by Pamela Druckerman. Here’s the synopsis of the book: “The secret behind France’s astonishingly well-behaved children. When American journalist PamelaContinue reading “Discipline: Setting Boundaries”

Behavioural Development and Discipline: Children will be Children

Aristotle has been behaving pretty well at school lately. In fact, it almost seems as if there is a cyclical pattern in his behaviour with peaks and troughs where good behaviour intermingles with “bad” behaviour. Despite the recent string of glowing reports from school, I thought I would continue the discussion on discipline that IContinue reading “Behavioural Development and Discipline: Children will be Children”

Are Some of Our Children’s Behavioural Traits Genetically Conditioned?

Sometime back I was having a chat with my SIL and she raised a very interesting question relating to childhood behaviours that I wanted to put out there for discussion. Here’s the question that triggered it all: “Have you ever seen a Japanese child acting out or throwing a tantrum?” I don’t know about you,Continue reading “Are Some of Our Children’s Behavioural Traits Genetically Conditioned?”