Enlarge Your Child’s Brain “Container”

Adapted from Heguru Handbook. The motivation for a lot of parents to ensure that their child achieve high T-scores and academic results is motivated by their desire for their children to be successful. The premise is that if their child can get a good education – study in a good secondary school, high school, andContinue reading “Enlarge Your Child’s Brain “Container””

Life Skills – Developing Focus with Daily Plans

In Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky talks about 7 essential life skills that children need to develop in order to be successful in life. The first skill is focus and self-control. Focus and self-control are important because a child needs to have focus and self-control to achieve his goals in life. Without them, thereContinue reading “Life Skills – Developing Focus with Daily Plans”

Raise a Child Based on his Individuality

There is a general tendency to label children as “good” or “bad” based on how well they study, perform academically, and listen to their parents. Did you know that many great individuals in history have fallen under the “bad” category because they did not study, they performed poorly, and they did not follow instructions –Continue reading “Raise a Child Based on his Individuality”

Raise a Child by Developing his Strengths

From the Heguru handbook. Every child has strengths and weaknesses. For example, some may be good at sports but weak in their studies, while others may draw well but are poor communicators. No one can be great in everything they do. Parents, however, fearing that their child may lose out because of these weaknesses, thenContinue reading “Raise a Child by Developing his Strengths”

Update: Right Brain Education Resources for Home Practice

Practicing right brain activities at home with your child can be very time consuming especially when you have to make all your materials yourself. Unfortunately, Heguru doesn’t sell much aside from puzzles and Shichida only sells their materials to parents with children attending their school. I’ve written about resources for right brain education home practiceContinue reading “Update: Right Brain Education Resources for Home Practice”

8 Tips for Bringing Out the Best in Your Child

From the Heguru Parents’ Seminar. Raise a child by developing his strengths. Raise a child based on his individuality, not by comparison to other children. Do not be caught in the dilemma of T-score education and academic snobbery in education. Nurture your children by adding points instead of deducting points. Nurture your children by observingContinue reading “8 Tips for Bringing Out the Best in Your Child”

The True Value of Play in Child Development

Ever since I read Nurture Shock and the successful results of the Tools of the Mind program in schools, I’ve been an advocate for Vygotsky’s principles on the importance of imaginary play. At home, I encourage Gavin’s active imagination and even participate in his pretend picnics and camping trips. A recent article from the ChronicleContinue reading “The True Value of Play in Child Development”

The Formidable Fours: Why Being a 4 Year Old is Hard

I was complaining about the formidable fours recently, wondering what had gotten into Gavin – more to the point, what had I done that had resulted in this. Then I took a leaf out of Brain Rules for Baby – I’ve been so busy teaching my children about empathy, how about applying a little ofContinue reading “The Formidable Fours: Why Being a 4 Year Old is Hard”

Child Development: The Formidable Fours

Why is it that in parenting books they talk about the “terrible twos” and “terrible threes” but there’s nothing about the “terrible fours”? Is it some sort of ploy to fool us parents into thinking we just have to get through the first few years and then we’re home free? Or perhaps they thought weContinue reading “Child Development: The Formidable Fours”

Talent Education – Children Can Learn Anything

I’ve been reading the book  “Nurtured by Love” by Shinichi Suzuki. I haven’t gotten very far into it, but a quick scan through the book leads me to believe that this is a “why” book rather than a “how to” book. If you’re looking for a book that will help you teach your child musicContinue reading “Talent Education – Children Can Learn Anything”