Right Brain Education Rule: Love, Relationship, then Knowledge

After our last class at Heguru, the parents were given a short video presentation from Mr Henmi. The subject matter he covered is nothing new but extremely important if we want our children to benefit from our teachings. It is the connection between love, relationship with your child, and knowledge. Far too often, parents jumpContinue reading “Right Brain Education Rule: Love, Relationship, then Knowledge”

Brain Development, a Photographic Memory and New Words

Disclaimer: I am not a neuroscientist nor do I claim to be an expert on neuroscience. The content in this blog post is what I have understood about the workings of the brain based on books that I have read and what I learned in neuroscience during my second year in University. Feel free toContinue reading “Brain Development, a Photographic Memory and New Words”

Some Important Facts about Brain Health and Brain Development

I was reading a couple of interesting articles about the brain from Live Science when I stumbled across these interesting morsels. From 10 Things Your Didn’t Know About the Brain… Whenever Gavin acts out, I keep reminding myself that no matter how rational and grown up he can appear for his age, he is stillContinue reading “Some Important Facts about Brain Health and Brain Development”

Understanding the Various Growth Processes

From Heguru Handbook. Most parents are aware that there are specific growth phases during which children are particularly rebellious. They are commonly referred to in parenting books as “The Terrible Threes” and the troublesome teenage years as children reach puberty. In the Heguru handbook, they make reference to three ages that are particularly trying forContinue reading “Understanding the Various Growth Processes”

Nurture Your Child by Observing the Kindness within Them

From the Heguru Handbook. Realise that all children are inherently good. Children do not misbehave just for the sake of misbehaving. There is usually some underlying cause or reason for bad behaviour. As parents, it is important for us to discover the underlying motivation for such behaviours and to correct those. Address these underlying issuesContinue reading “Nurture Your Child by Observing the Kindness within Them”

The Sibling Effect on the Younger Child

Recently, we had a scene in the car… Gavin has a blue water bottle and Gareth has a yellow water bottle. They are both exactly the same except for the colour. Both bottles are clear so you can see that they contain water inside. Gavin was holding his water bottle and Gareth suddenly made aContinue reading “The Sibling Effect on the Younger Child”

Mind in the Making – Developing Focus and Self-Control

In her book, Mind in the Making, Ellen Galinsky offers  a lot of practical advice to parents on how to help their children develop the 7 essential life skills. In a recent post, we talked about making daily plans to help our children develop focus. Another way to help children develop focus and self-control isContinue reading “Mind in the Making – Developing Focus and Self-Control”

Language Acquisition: How a Word is Born

There is a very interesting video on TED about how babies learn to speak new words. It is given by Deb Roy who directs the Cognitive Machines group at the MIT Media Lab, where he studies how children learn language, and designs machines that learn to communicate in human-like ways. In this talk, he tellsContinue reading “Language Acquisition: How a Word is Born”