Review: Pretty Printed Fleece Diapers

Before Gareth was born, I went on a cloth diaper rampage and both some new diapers for Gareth.  One of the sets of diapers I bought were from Pretty Printed on Etsy.  They were having a special promotion with 6 fleece diapers for the price of 5 (US$14 x 5 = 70).  The diapers includeContinue reading “Review: Pretty Printed Fleece Diapers”

Review: Antsy Pants Diapers

After expressing my disappointment with the two different cloth diaper pull-ups I bought for Gavin earlier when I was still potty training him during the day time, I was recommended to try Antsy Pants.  They offer a special promotion for new users – get an Antsy Pants diaper cover plus microfiber insert for USD25 withContinue reading “Review: Antsy Pants Diapers”

Toddler Potty Training: Progress or Lack Thereof

After months and months, we seem to have made very little progress.  We’re still diapering Gavin at night and when we go out because he usually tells me he needs to pee at the point when he has to go NOW!  For that reason I bought him cloth pull up diapers so we can beContinue reading “Toddler Potty Training: Progress or Lack Thereof”

Green Living: Cloth Diaper Pull-Ups

Since I was going green with the new baby, I figured it was time to start doing the same with Gavin. Although he is partially toilet trained during the day, I think it will be quite a while before we get him fully trained overnight. Even now he still pees in his sleep while napping.Continue reading “Green Living: Cloth Diaper Pull-Ups”

Going Green: Cloth Diapers and Breast Pads

Hubby and I first discussed using cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Gavin.  At that time, I must admit that I was extremely resistant to the idea because I thought it would be messy – especially because the only type of cloth diapers I had ever known were the old-school muslin nappies our parentsContinue reading “Going Green: Cloth Diapers and Breast Pads”

Cloth Diapering 101

I recently started reviewing the cloth diapering options available for Gareth and was quite overwhelmed by the new range available.  Either I didn’t do that much research when I started looking into cloth diapering for Gavin or a lot has changed in the cloth diapering industry since I bought Gavin’s cloth diapers. When cloth diaperingContinue reading “Cloth Diapering 101”