Nurture Shock: Chapter 8 – Can Self-Control Be Taught?

Chapter 8 from Nurture Shock talks about a very interesting preschool program that seems to helping children develop better self-control.  It was initially intended to be a program for “at-risk” children who were out of control, but it worked so well that those children had a complete turn around in behaviour and could no longerContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 8 – Can Self-Control Be Taught?”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 5 – The Search for Intelligent Life in Kindergarten

I must apologise for neglecting this series of blog posts that I promised to write about.  I have been rather distracted by the arrival for Gareth.  Anyway, here we are at Chapter 5 of Nurture Shock which is about the ability to predict a child’s superior intelligence while in kindergarten.  A lot of children areContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 5 – The Search for Intelligent Life in Kindergarten”

Book Review: Fun Start – An Activity a Week

I bought the book “Fun Start” by June Oberlander some time after Gavin was born.  I’ve never been good with babies – or kids, for that matter – and I never know what to do with them.  I bought Fun Start so I could get some ideas for Mummy and baby activities I could doContinue reading “Book Review: Fun Start – An Activity a Week”

Digital Cameras for Children

I’ve been considering getting Gavin a camera because he always wants mine whenever I take it out to take photos.  He’s also been taking a lot of self-portraits using my mobile phone camera.  Although I am keen to encourage his new-found interest, I’m afraid I get worried he’ll press the delete button or drop theContinue reading “Digital Cameras for Children”

How to Get Kids to Sleep More

Ever since I discovered the effect of inadequate sleep on a child’s cognitive development, I have been a tad anal about ensuring Gavin gets enough sleep during the day.  Though difficult at times, we generally manage to clock in the recommended minimum hours of sleep with a combination of overnight sleep and naps during theContinue reading “How to Get Kids to Sleep More”

Why Children Today are so Precocious

When Gavin was ill, we took him to see the paediatrician near our house.  In the waiting room, they have TV on showing re-runs of Tom and Jerry.  As we were watching it, it suddenly occurred to me why children of today are so precocious.  They seem to know and be capable of so muchContinue reading “Why Children Today are so Precocious”

Activities: The 1st International Baby Show 2009

My friend SM told me about this one, too… What: The 1st International Baby Show 2009 Where: KLCC Convention Centre When: 6-8th October, 2009 (10am – 6pm) It appears that 6-7th October is strictly for trade visitors only and the exhibition is open to public visitors (i.e. parents, families, etc.) only on the 8th October.Continue reading “Activities: The 1st International Baby Show 2009”

The Value of Knowing Your Child’s Personality Type

After reading about the preferred learning styles of children, it got my brain churning about the Myers-Briggs personality test my cousin did with me a couple of years back.  The Myers-Briggs personality test assesses you based on your instinctive preferences.  As with all things, we can all modify our behaviours to adapt to different situationsContinue reading “The Value of Knowing Your Child’s Personality Type”

Then Dangers of Using Alcohol Hand Sanitisers with Children

Hubby recently told me about hearing something about the danger of using alcohol hand sanitisers on children.  He had heard it on the radio and it had something to do with Myth Busters so he reckoned there was truth to the statement. Since we’ve been starting to use hand sanitisers on Gavin as a meansContinue reading “Then Dangers of Using Alcohol Hand Sanitisers with Children”

Weight Guidelines for Children

Gone are the days when it was “adorable” to have fat children. With the rates of severe obesity in children having tripled over the last twenty-five years, it is not surprising that we have a need, more than ever, for appropriate weight guidelines for children. The concern about obesity in children has escalated because severeContinue reading “Weight Guidelines for Children”