How Bad is Screen Time?

I’ve been asking this question in my mind for some time now. There are plenty of warnings against screen time – or at least a restriction on screen time. However, if you examine the guidelines for the amount of screen time is advisable for specific age groups, I am pretty sure many parents have exceeded theContinue reading “How Bad is Screen Time?”

Developing Stress Tolerance in Children

The 2013 World Education Games are coming up in March and Aristotle’s school has registered for the Maths category. So when Aristotle came home with his login details, I thought to give him a chance to practice to help build his confidence. I was not prepared for the reaction I received. Aristotle was not keenContinue reading “Developing Stress Tolerance in Children”

Kids Health: A Little Bit of Fever is Not a Bad Thing

I had to write this one because it seems to me that there is a general misconception that all fevers, especially in children, are bad and we must treat every rise in body temperature immediately with paracetamol or our children will suffer from irreparable brain damage. So let’s just set the record straight… (by theContinue reading “Kids Health: A Little Bit of Fever is Not a Bad Thing”

On School and Siblings: The Socialisation Myth

I wanted to explore this topic because I believe there is a misconception about how children learn the rules of social conduct. Feel free to rebut the arguments here and/or share your experiences in the comments. There are technically two points I’m discussing here, the first is related to child personality… When Aristotle was little,Continue reading “On School and Siblings: The Socialisation Myth”

Disturbances in the Child’s Relationship to Inner and Outer Pictures of Reality

A friend sent me an article on the “Disturbances in the Child’s Relationship to Inner and Outer Pictures of Reality“: Two pediatricians from a German municipal health office studied the capacity for pictorial perception among two thousand preschool children ages five and six prior to school entrance. In order to determine the children’s cognitive maturity andContinue reading “Disturbances in the Child’s Relationship to Inner and Outer Pictures of Reality”

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit Build Your Own Science Toy DIY

Build 6 different models: Solar Revolving Plane, Solar Windmill, Solar Plane, Solar Airboat, Solar Puppy, Solar Car Great assembling toy for kids to practice using their brains and learn the benefits of solar energy Building these projects teach kids the benefits of solar energy while having fun Also ideal for allowing kids to express theirContinue reading “6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit Build Your Own Science Toy DIY”

4M Kidz Labs Green Science Potato Clock

Digital Clock with wires, copper and zinc strips, transparent tapes and more! What! No Batteries? Be a scientist as you discover how to power this digital clock using potatoes. Experiment to find out what other substances will power the clock – you’ll be amazed! Caution: High Voltage Inspiration and Fun! Contains digital Clock with wires,Continue reading “4M Kidz Labs Green Science Potato Clock”

4M Kidz Labs Tornado Tube

Great Gizmos offer a very large range of inspirational, inspiring, creative, imaginative, fun and educational toys. The Tornado Tube is new this year to Great Gizmos. Educational and fun toy. Create your own water tornado inside a bottle with this tornado tube. It is a fun experiment that you would never get tired of watching.Continue reading “4M Kidz Labs Tornado Tube”

Scientific Explorer – My 1st Science Kit

Using this kit, young scientists can: perform 10 hands-on science experiments set up their own color mixing laboratory turn their favorite colors into brilliant soft crystals capture a rainbow in a test tube The perfect science introduction for younger kids. Set up a color mixing lab, perform 10 science experiments, grow gobs of crystals inContinue reading “Scientific Explorer – My 1st Science Kit”