Career Spotlight: Writer, Author

So G1 wants to be a writer when he grows up – an author, to be more specific – so I dug up these resources for our budding writer… Guide to Becoming a Writer for Kids and Teens: First, be a reader; then go read some more. Start writing: Write for the school paper; or startContinue reading “Career Spotlight: Writer, Author”

Career Spotlight: I Want to be a Computer Game Designer

When I showed G2 the resources that I had collected on different careers, he told me he wanted to be a computer game designer. So here we are digging a little deeper into the world of computer game designers… A Day in the Life of a Computer Game Designer See a tongue-in-cheek “day in the lifeContinue reading “Career Spotlight: I Want to be a Computer Game Designer”

Exploring Careers with Kids: When I grow up, I want to be…

G2 is working on a new topic at school – “When I Grow Up”. To support his learning, it was recommended that we take him to Kidzania so he can see the different types of jobs that exist. To further that experience, we found the following resources for children exploring the different careers available… When I GrowContinue reading “Exploring Careers with Kids: When I grow up, I want to be…”

When it Comes to Giving Our Children Career Advice

With so much going on lately and the kids taking my iPhone and iPad whenever they lay eyes on them, I haven’t been doing much reading. It was only recently that I managed to pick up The Element by Sir Ken Robinson and start reading it again. I bought the book after watching his presentationContinue reading “When it Comes to Giving Our Children Career Advice”