Early Childhood Education: Introducing the Classics

I can’t remember where I read it, but I do recall a book that mentioned that aside from doing all the usual things you do with your child, you can also read complex (or more complicated) books to help stimulate development.  This is all part and parcel to exposing your child to all the differentContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: Introducing the Classics”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 2 – The Lost Hour

Po Bronson wrote the article “Snooze or Lose” which questions whether a lack of sleep can set back your child’s cognitive abilities?  This is essentially chapter 2 from the book Nurture Shock. If you want to skip reading the book, then here’s the answer: Yes it can.  I referred to this article briefly in aContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 2 – The Lost Hour”

Nurture Shock: Chapter 1 – The Inverse Power of Praise

If you want to read the first chapter from the book Nuture Shock, you will find it summarised quite succinctly in the article The Inverse Power of Praise on the New York Magazine. It talks about the negative effects of praise on a child.  The essence of what Bronson and Merryman wrote is something IContinue reading “Nurture Shock: Chapter 1 – The Inverse Power of Praise”

The New Science of Parenting: Nurture Shock

My BFF recently brought this book to my attention – it’s called “Nurture Shock: New Thinking about Children“. About a year or so back I wrote about an article I read in Scientific American Mind that talked about how telling children they are smart can actually have a negative effect on their intellectual development.  PoContinue reading “The New Science of Parenting: Nurture Shock”

Teaching a Toddler How to Read

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been trying to teach Gavin to read.  In addition to the “Your Baby Can Read” DVDs, I’ve also bought some simple “learn to read” style of books for him to practice with.  Naturally, when I discovered that there were “Step into Reading” titles under Thomas and Friends,Continue reading “Teaching a Toddler How to Read”