Books for Children: Infinity Ring

Read the book; follow the guide; play the game… Sounded intriguing so I ordered the series – or whatever I could get my hands on (which is basically book 1 and 2 – two of seven books planned that have been published already). We’re still waiting for our books to arrive, but here’s what theContinue reading “Books for Children: Infinity Ring”

Books: The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori

The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori If you want to learn a subject, there’s nothing like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Read about The Montessori Method translated from the original manuscript written by Maria Montessori herself. What’s in it… CHAPTER I- A CRITICAL CONSIDERATION OF THE NEW PEDAGOGY IN ITS RELATION TO MODERN SCIENCEContinue reading “Books: The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori”

Books: Advice from Teens on Growing Up Gifted

Being gifted is tough. It is also tough being the parents of a gifted child. To help gifted children and parents of gifted children understand what to expect growing up gifted, Robert A Schultz (Ph.D) and James R Delisle (Ph.D) have published the book: If I’m So Smart, Why Aren’t the Answers Easy? It is based on surveys from more than 5,000Continue reading “Books: Advice from Teens on Growing Up Gifted”

Resources: Dino-Mania Part 3 – More Dinosaur Stuff

I found these when Aristotle was at the peak of his dino-mania and have been meaning to write about them but never got around to it until now. I figured I ought to publish them since I’m sure there are plenty of dino-fans out there who might be interested. If you missed our earlier postsContinue reading “Resources: Dino-Mania Part 3 – More Dinosaur Stuff”

Resource: Oxford Owl – Free Reading and Math Resource Site

The Oxford Owl is a terrific resource site offering lots of games, activities, ideas and free e-books that you can use to help support your children’s reading and math. What’s on Oxford Owl – Reading: reading resources for children age 3-11 tips and advice for supporting your child’s reading development fun ideas and games to encourage yourContinue reading “Resource: Oxford Owl – Free Reading and Math Resource Site”

The Brain Game

THE BRAIN GAME27 CLASSIC INTELLIGENCE TESTS THAT WILL REVEAL YOUR UNIQUE ABILITIESThis is the ultimate do-it-yourself book for your brain.Test yourself–and find out the results!Get an accurate profile of your intellectual strengths.Explore the skills of your left brain.Explore the skills of your right brain.Determine your own IQ.These tests have never before been available to theContinue reading “The Brain Game”

Online Classics at Read.Gov has a collection of classical literature for children and teenagers that can read online for free. Titles available: “A Apple Pie” “Aesop’s Fables” “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” “Anne of Green Gables” “The Baby’s Own Aesop” “Ballad of the Lost Hare” “Baseball ABC” “Complete Version of ye Three Blind Mice” “TheContinue reading “Online Classics at Read.Gov”

Books: Teaching Suzuki Music – Ability Develop from Age Zero

The Suzuki Method of teaching music is very much like Right Brain Education in that it is more of an educational philosophy rather than a specific method of music instruction. Of course the end result is to teach music, however, the concept behind the Suzuki Method may be applied to the teaching of any otherContinue reading “Books: Teaching Suzuki Music – Ability Develop from Age Zero”

Books: Music – How to Teach Suzuki Piano by Shinichi Suzuki

Since I decided that I was going to teach Hercules how to play the piano using the Suzuki Method, I have been looking at books to help me implement the program at home. Although Hercules isn’t starting just yet (I plan for him to complete the Little Musician course by BrillKids first), I figure I shouldContinue reading “Books: Music – How to Teach Suzuki Piano by Shinichi Suzuki”

Books for Children: Character Development – Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids

I have been a little concerned about Aristotle’s mindset and attitude lately and have been looking for ways to help him overcome his “mental limitations”. When I stumbled upon “Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids” in the library, I borrowed it hoping that it might teach him a thing or two about embracing the changesContinue reading “Books for Children: Character Development – Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids”