Books for Parents: Stop Reacting and Start Responding

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with Hercules lately and it is obvious that my current arsenal of disciplinary tactics aren’t working for me because all I ever seem to do is yell even though I know I shouldn’t and even though it is not effective at all. So I figured it was time toContinue reading “Books for Parents: Stop Reacting and Start Responding”

Activity Books: Magic Painting

Now who remembers these? I haven’t seen one of these since I was a child… Aristotle attended a birthday party recently and came home with one of these in his party bag. These “paint with water” books have special pages that turn to colour when you apply water with a brush to them.   TheseContinue reading “Activity Books: Magic Painting”

Recommended Reading: A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

I recently received an interesting newsletter from TweedleWink Right Brain Kids introducing an interesting book that caught my attention: “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink.   And this is the story that caught my attention: Teaching Science… The Right Brain Way Mr. Jordan and Mr. Brown were good friends. They were both science teachers at Lincoln HighContinue reading “Recommended Reading: A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink”

Books for Parents: Mindset by Carol Dweck

The far reaching impact of her work came before me before I even knew her name. Carol Dweck has made a profound difference to my life ever since I discovered and understood her research on “the right kind of praise“. If there ever was a person who could draw back the curtains and shine theContinue reading “Books for Parents: Mindset by Carol Dweck”

Books for Parents: Raising Boys – Steve Biddulph

If you have been struggling to figure your son out and are looking for a parenting book on boys, this is it.   I have a super-sensitive boy and I have been struggling for a long time to figure out how to deal with him. In a world that still largely believes that boys don’tContinue reading “Books for Parents: Raising Boys – Steve Biddulph”

Books: Right Brain Education – Drawing Out the “Genius” in Children (HADO READING)

After the dearth of information on right brain education from the Heguru perspective, I was pleased to see that Ruiko and Hirotada Henmi have published their first English book on Hado Reading and drawing out the “genius” in children. For those interested, it is available for Kindle on Amazon. You can also read the previewContinue reading “Books: Right Brain Education – Drawing Out the “Genius” in Children (HADO READING)”

Books: Family Fun – Search and Find Activity Books

Some time back, my cousin gave us these lovely Search and Find activity books published by Hinkler: When we first got them, Hercules was a little too young to appreciate them so I put them away. I recently dug them out so that Aristotle, Hercules and I could work on it together. The books areContinue reading “Books: Family Fun – Search and Find Activity Books”

History Resources: Horrible Histories Collection

After getting through The Magic Tree House series, if you want to dig deeper into the historical archives, the Horrible Histories Collection is an entertaining non-fiction series to follow. Written by Terry Deary, the Horrible Histories brings history to live from an interesting and factual perspective. Introduce your child into the world of Horrible Histories with the Blood-CurdlingContinue reading “History Resources: Horrible Histories Collection”

Children’s Books: The Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House is an interesting series of books written by author Mary Pope Osborne that we recently stumbled upon while searching for the next series of books for G1 to dive into. About the Magic Tree House Brother and sister – Jack and Annie – discover a mysterious tree house filled with booksContinue reading “Children’s Books: The Magic Tree House”