Learning Math Using the Anzan/Soroban Method

I have always regretted not starting Doman’s Red Dot Program early enough with Aristotle. By the time I learned about it, he was too opinionated about what he wanted to learn about and Math was not it. Thankfully, I started Hercules on Little Math early and now he loves numbers and Math. To help AristotleContinue reading “Learning Math Using the Anzan/Soroban Method”

Math Secret: Teach Your Child to do Math Faster than a Calculator

When I was in high school, I could remember all the telephone numbers of my friends and close relatives by heart. Ever since the mobile phone entered my life, I can only remember my husband’s mobile phone number, the house number, my parent’s number and my grandparents’ number. When I was in University, when itContinue reading “Math Secret: Teach Your Child to do Math Faster than a Calculator”

How to Use the Soroban

Although the traditional Soroban has 13 rods, it is generally recommended that you use a basic version of the Soroban for young children.  The Pacchi which only has 3 rods with different colours is the representation that is used in Heguru classes.  Tomoe Soroban is also the cheapest place I know where to find this.Continue reading “How to Use the Soroban”

Using Soroban (Japanese Abacus) to Teach Anzan (Mental Maths)

What is Soroban? Soroban is the Japanese abacus.  It looks very similar to the Chinese Suanpan (which is to be expected since it was derived from the Suanpan when it was first introduced to Japan in the 1600s) except that instead of having two beads in the top part, it only has one. What isContinue reading “Using Soroban (Japanese Abacus) to Teach Anzan (Mental Maths)”