Please Help Me with this Question

Okay, so this has nothing to do with early childhood development, but I hope you can help me with it. If you’re a regular reader, you will have noticed the changes made to Figur8 and Babylicious over the past month. I have been trying to improve the site to by organising things a little betterContinue reading “Please Help Me with this Question”

Is Cognitive Advancement Linked to Juvenile Deliquency?

Since Aristotle started school, it seems we have had more than our fair share of meetings with his teachers to address his misdemeanours at school. All in all, I think he’s been to the school’s office more times in his short experience of school than I have in all my schooling years. It’s a scaryContinue reading “Is Cognitive Advancement Linked to Juvenile Deliquency?”

Early Childhood Education: Yep, I Torture my Children with Flash Cards

When it comes to early childhood education, there is one point I struggle with when I read comments like: “Asking children to handle material that their brain is not equipped for can cause frustration.” “If a child is forced to sit down and read flash cards but he is not capable of understanding the wordContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: Yep, I Torture my Children with Flash Cards”

Discipline: Understanding Behaviour Motivation from a Child’s Point of View

They say that every child is different; every child is unique in their own ways. Even two siblings can be like day and night. Aristotle and Hercules are two such siblings. So different in nature that you could be forgiven for thinking they weren’t brothers – if it weren’t for the fact that they bearContinue reading “Discipline: Understanding Behaviour Motivation from a Child’s Point of View”

Behaviour Modification: Helping Your Child Shift from Sad to Happy

Yesterday, Aristotle had a birthday party to attend. Since he was sick for two of the previous birthdays he was invited to from his friends at school, I thought he would be delighted that he could finally go to one. To top it off, it was held in Yu Kids Island and he’s always pesteringContinue reading “Behaviour Modification: Helping Your Child Shift from Sad to Happy”

Handwriting Practice: Back to Basics – Correcting Bad Habits

Aristotle has been writing letters and numbers for a while but because practicing writing is so tedious, he hates to do it and his handwriting is atrocious. Figuring that he just needed more practice (and incentives to practice), I got him an exercise book to practice writing letters. It wasn’t until I peeked over hisContinue reading “Handwriting Practice: Back to Basics – Correcting Bad Habits”

Christmas Activities: Make a Gingerbread House

Here’s an activity for Christmas that the kids will love. Okay, so I’m posting this on Christmas day which is probably kind of pointless for this Christmas but definitely one to keep on the list for next year. Then again, who says you have to wait for Christmas to do this? It was a surprisinglyContinue reading “Christmas Activities: Make a Gingerbread House”

Night Time Potty Training

Potty training or toilet training – for us, it’s the same. We’ve never really used a potty except for a couple of trials and decided it wasn’t working for us so it’s always been the toilet. Aristotle has been toilet trained during the day time for a long time. After all our experiences with toiletContinue reading “Night Time Potty Training”

BrillKids Little Reader Touch for the iPhone and iPad

BrillKids released Little Reader Touch for the iPhone and iPad recently. What is Little Reader Touch? Little Reader Touch is an app for parents to teach their babies and toddlers to read. It can be used as a standalone product or as a companion product to Little Reader – the comprehensive software-based learning system forContinue reading “BrillKids Little Reader Touch for the iPhone and iPad”