New Content Packs for Little Reader!

BrillKids‘ award-winning reading system, Little Reader, now has new content packs. If you’ve already have Little Reader, you will know what a terrific early learning program it is. If you haven’t, you can read more about it here: Little Reader System Little Reader Review (please note that the giveaway has ended) Little Reader is availableContinue reading “New Content Packs for Little Reader!”

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

One of the cardinal rules of parenting is “don’t compare your children”. Well, it’s kind of hard not to when people are constantly pointing things out to you that you’ve already observed but deliberately avoided commenting upon. If we must observe their differences, let’s look at the positives of their individual differences… Aristotle was veryContinue reading “Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences”

Local International Schools in Klang Valley

When I first wrote my previous post on Researching International Schools in Kuala Lumpur, I never expected to get the kind of response that it did. As a result, a few parents who have sent their children to local international schools have asked me to start a new post featuring local international schools so thatContinue reading “Local International Schools in Klang Valley”

Brain Nutrition: Fish Oils, Cod Liver Oil, DHA and EPA

In a recent post, we highlighted some brain boosting foods of which one was fish. Well, we’ve always known fish was good, but how good is good? I thought I should check it out further, especially since Aristotle no longer likes to eat fish. The funny thing is that he really liked it when heContinue reading “Brain Nutrition: Fish Oils, Cod Liver Oil, DHA and EPA”

Early Childhood Education: Children can Learn Anything Through “Play”

There is a constant conflict between early childhood educators and advocators who believe that children should only be playing, and not being “forced to learn” things. There is a fine line between the two because it is clear that children are learning even while playing. So where is the line? I think psychologist Gordon NeufeldContinue reading “Early Childhood Education: Children can Learn Anything Through “Play””

Nutrition: Boosting Brain Power

I was flipping through an old copy of Oxygen that belonged to my SIL2 when I stumbled across an article that talked about 8 different foods that boost brain power. Well, what’s good for us can also be good for the children, so here are 8 foods you should consider adding to your child’s dietContinue reading “Nutrition: Boosting Brain Power”

Discipline: When There are Two or More Children Involved

Lately, there have been a number of thoughts on discipline running around in my head. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it all so I’m just going to throw it out there and invite some discussion. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. The first issue involves the complication of theContinue reading “Discipline: When There are Two or More Children Involved”

Understanding Your Child’s Love Language

I wrote about the 5 love languages some time back and even though it made sense at the time, the concept still sounded like one of those airy fairy self-help stuff that is easy to sniff at. But after asking Aristotle to take the test (and taking an assessment myself!), some of Aristotle’s behaviours areContinue reading “Understanding Your Child’s Love Language”

Promotion: Another 24 Hours of Offers at the Book Depository

Heads up! Book Depository is holding another 24 hour sale. There will be a limited quantity of 24 great books and each hour they will be offering one of these books at a superb price, for one hour only, or until the stock runs out. Get up to 80% off the recommended retail price. CheckContinue reading “Promotion: Another 24 Hours of Offers at the Book Depository”

Choosing the Right School: The Value of a Good Teacher

A couple of posts back, I was writing about some problems we were having with Aristotle’s behaviour at school and I have since realised that what I wrote could be easily misconstrued because of the way it was written. I just wanted to correct that because I have to say that I have been veryContinue reading “Choosing the Right School: The Value of a Good Teacher”