Survival Skills: Let’s Learn About Fire

“Fire! Don’t touch! Hot! Not for playing!” That’s about the most we’ve taught our children about fire. But what if there really was a fire? Now that we live in an apartment block, the danger of being in a burning building has increased (not a whole lot but it’s greater). We only need one apartmentContinue reading “Survival Skills: Let’s Learn About Fire”

Helping Children Become Successful in Future: Education Priorities

When hubby and I first talked about the children’s education, we agreed that the focus should be more than simply academics. We all know that it takes more than a report card with straight A’s to be successful in life. And yet, when parents get together to talk about schools and education, there appears toContinue reading “Helping Children Become Successful in Future: Education Priorities”

Brain Fitness Workshop by Kidz Grow

Kidz Grow is running a half day workshop on Brain Fitness. Why is Brain Fitness Important? In a nutshell, brain fitness improves attention span, allows children to learn more easily, strengthens memory power, and promotes faster thinking. Just as a healthy body allows us to do more things, a fit brain allows us to functionContinue reading “Brain Fitness Workshop by Kidz Grow”

Getting Back to Nature in a Concrete Jungle

The haze is back and it has put a serious damper on our outdoor activities… No, that is not a dirty window or “mist” creating that mountain air appearance in the photo above. On a good day, it should be blue sky and a city skyline. Today and the last couple of days (with eachContinue reading “Getting Back to Nature in a Concrete Jungle”

Celebrating Our Children’s Uniqueness and Their Individual Strengths

The Empathy Gene exists! Truly, it does. I attest to it because I have two boys – one who has it and one who does not. Even when he was very young (before he could speak or sign), it was evident that Aristotle could understand when someone was unwell or upset. I remember an incidentContinue reading “Celebrating Our Children’s Uniqueness and Their Individual Strengths”

Please Help to Clean Up the Wikipedia Porn Problem

I want to talk about a problem I recently became aware of – the porn problem on wikipedia which I first read about from Larry Sanger’s blog. First up, let me make myself clear – I’m not anti-porn. I’m comfortable with images of nudity on the Internet and I’m not even upset if my 2Continue reading “Please Help to Clean Up the Wikipedia Porn Problem”

Parenting: The Consequences of Our Actions

As parents, hubby and I are often trying to teach the children about the consequences of their actions. Lately, Aristotle returned the lesson to me and reminded me of the power of “Monkey See, Monkey Do”… Boys being boys, Hercules, and occasionally Aristotle, often do things that can lead to them hurting themselves. Having lostContinue reading “Parenting: The Consequences of Our Actions”

An Accident, An Injury, and Thoughts on Unsupervised Play

So it finally happened… Hercules had an accident. I’m not talking about the minor bumps and bruises that happen all the time. This was a head injury that drew blood. We’ve always known that with the kind of personality that Hercules has, accidents like these will be inevitable (unless we intend to keep him insideContinue reading “An Accident, An Injury, and Thoughts on Unsupervised Play”

The Inverse Relationship between Screen Time and Creative Play

We’ve been really busy lately moving house and I’d gotten very lax with screen time. I figured that I could restore the balance again once we were done with all the moving and in the meantime, there would be relative peace and harmony while all the tedious stuff was happening… …and then Aristotle did somethingContinue reading “The Inverse Relationship between Screen Time and Creative Play”

Life Skills: Developing Respect and Responsibility

Up until recently, we have been spoilt rotten with two live-in domestic helpers. Now, one has gone home for good and the other is on holiday. Everyone has had to pull their weight at home with the cleaning up. The first week was rough. I woke up every morning feeling like I’d just completed anContinue reading “Life Skills: Developing Respect and Responsibility”