Behaviour Management: The Bucket Analogy

Aristotle is going through a phase. At least I’d like to think it’s just a phase and not because I’m failing at my role of being a parent. To put it simply, he’s been obnoxious. It’s tough swallowing that when I know he can behave so beautifully sometimes that it just blows me away andContinue reading “Behaviour Management: The Bucket Analogy”

Sights and Sounds: A Magic Show – The Superstars of Magic 2

Our first live performance experience with the boys was the Peter Pan musical at Sunway Lagoon. Recently, we scored tickets to the Magic Show in Genting Highlands – The Superstars of Magic – and we took the boys to watch their very first magic show. Live performances can be a really terrific experience for children,Continue reading “Sights and Sounds: A Magic Show – The Superstars of Magic 2”

Implementing the Suzuki Method at Home

With so many benefits for learning music and Hercules demonstrating a keen interest in music since he old enough to express an interest, I have decided to implement the Suzuki Method once he is through with the BrillKids Little Musician course. Although we originally contemplated the Suzuki Method for Aristotle, we weren’t able to makeContinue reading “Implementing the Suzuki Method at Home”

Confessions of a Super Mum…

Becoming a mother has changed a lot of things – my life, my ideas, and me. In fact, the change from “childless me” to “Mummy me” can be likened to the superhero transformation in a story when the main character discovers his super powers. For instance, I have developed super hearing. I might be deafContinue reading “Confessions of a Super Mum…”

Teaching Children about Money: PlayMoolah

Some time back, Aristotle took his first baby steps into the world of entrepreneurialism when he opened his own cookie stand for half a day. I encouraged him wholeheartedly when he first broached the idea of running a store to make money because I believe that financial education should be an integral part of ourContinue reading “Teaching Children about Money: PlayMoolah”

A Case of Tonsilitis and Dengue, and Hercules’ Stay at the Hospital

We’ve been away for a while and if you’ve been following us on Facebook, you might have read about Hercules being in hospital for dengue – yes it was confirmed to be dengue. Our trauma started last Sunday night when Hercules started heating up. I took him to the doctor on Monday morning and heContinue reading “A Case of Tonsilitis and Dengue, and Hercules’ Stay at the Hospital”

Rethinking Education – Knowledge for the Sake of Knowledge or Knowledge for Application?

I’m a strong advocate for giving children any opportunities that might give them a “leg-up” in life – early childhood development, enrichment programs, experiential learning, you name it. Ever since I embarked on this journey, I have become more aware of all the child development programs available. And as my children grow older, I haveContinue reading “Rethinking Education – Knowledge for the Sake of Knowledge or Knowledge for Application?”

Travelling: Flying on an Aeroplane with an Active Child

Aristotle and I have flown on a plane a total of 9 times since he was born. Every single time, he’s been wonderful. He sits down and keeps busy with whatever he has in front of him. Other passengers comment on how pleasant it was to fly with him. Hercules and I have flown onContinue reading “Travelling: Flying on an Aeroplane with an Active Child”

Breastfeeding the Older Child is Normal!

It’s been a while since I have written about breastfeeding the older child and I thought it was time to champion the practice again because it seems the message is still failing to hit home. There are people who still think it’s weird and there are all kinds of misconceived notions that it is somehowContinue reading “Breastfeeding the Older Child is Normal!”