Educational Apps for Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

Following are some terrific apps from 22learn for the iPad (I think some available on iPhone and iPod Touch) that are appropriate for toddlers and pre-schoolers. 22learn have 20 years of experience in the design of fun educational tools. Their apps have all be beta tested by children from their intended age group. They currentlyContinue reading “Educational Apps for Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers”

Music Maker 17

Complete music production, post-production, And mastering software, equipped with a large library of virtual instruments, over 1,500 sound loops and a huge selection of virtual instruments. And a Vintage Effects Suite that lets you recreate sounds from classic audio components. Share your creations with family, friends, or even record labels by either creating demo CDs/Continue reading “Music Maker 17”

Magic School Bus Games

We love the Magic School Bus books. Ms Frizzle and her class bring science to life in their numerous adventures. Now if only they had interactive Magic School Bus games, too… Oh but they do! Or they did. Rather they do and they did. Back during the years when it was still fashionable to haveContinue reading “Magic School Bus Games”

Music: Piano Wizard Academy

What is the Piano Wizard Academy? The Piano Wizard Academy is a program on the computer that teaches individuals how to play the piano on a midi attached keyboard. The program runs like a game making it fun to play and learn. The program plays a song and students are required to press the correspondingContinue reading “Music: Piano Wizard Academy”

Math: BrillKids Little Math

Ideal for babies and young children, Little Math is a revolutionary learning system by BrillKids for teaching Math. Little Math makes it easy for you to teach your children Math that is both engaging and fun for them. Here are the features of Little Math: Little Math has a comprehensive curriculum spanning over 12 monthsContinue reading “Math: BrillKids Little Math”

Reading: Speed Reader-X – Read Faster, Increase Comprehension

Learn how to read faster and remember more with Speed Reader-X. httpv:// Speed Reader-X Online includes everything you need to learn speed reading: Ten expert designed lessons averaging 10 minutes each Graphic test results show you how you are progressing On demand tests allow you to try out your ability anytime you choose Your ownContinue reading “Reading: Speed Reader-X – Read Faster, Increase Comprehension”

BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read

Little Reader is an effective learning system by BrillKids that can help you teach your children to read. About BrillKids Little Reader: Little Reader has a comprehensive curriculum that cover 3000 words in 180 categories with daily lessons over 12 months leading your child from single words to complete stories. It is easy to use.Continue reading “BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read”

How Video Games can Educate Children

There is an interesting, albeit controversial talk on TED by Gabe Zichermann about how video games can make kids smarter. Personally, I thought the talk was somewhat skewed towards video games. Although the intention was supposed to have been to provide perspective and to talk about how video games can be also be beneficial insteadContinue reading “How Video Games can Educate Children”

Technology Advances in Early Childhood Development

Have you ever noticed how precocious children are these days? Have you ever said to yourself, “Wow, children these days know so much more than I ever did at that age?” Every generation, appears to be “more advanced” than the generation before. For instance, in my parents generation, the majority of the population are unfamiliarContinue reading “Technology Advances in Early Childhood Development”

Child Development: No TV for Kids Under Two?

It was formerly a recommendation by professionals that children under the age of two should not watch any TV because it is believed to delay development.  What was previously a recommendation has become a mandate.  The AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) have stepped up their recommendation and now warns parents against allowing their under twosContinue reading “Child Development: No TV for Kids Under Two?”