Toddler Development: Pre-School and Making Deals

These days it seems like there are so many things to write about and not enough time to write them all.  Between Gavin and Gareth – my siamese boys – I rarely have time to think, let alone write.  So here I am trying to record events out of date, organise my thoughts and identifyContinue reading “Toddler Development: Pre-School and Making Deals”

Toddler Development: Problems with School and Sibling Rivalry

It’s been two weeks since Gavin started back at school for the new year.  Unfortunately, it looks like my early celebration of how well he took it seems to be a tad premature.  After that wonderful first day back, his attendance to school has been on the decline.  The last few days, he would howlContinue reading “Toddler Development: Problems with School and Sibling Rivalry”