Education Destination Malaysia School Guide

The 2016-2017 edition of Education Destination Malaysia: Guide to International & Private Schools is now available for sale from Borders Bookstores at: The Gardens Bangsar Village II Tropicana City Mall The Curve Queensbay – Penang Pantai Hospital – Kuala Lumpur If you’re struggling to decide on which private or international school is best for yourContinue reading “Education Destination Malaysia School Guide”

Supporting Handwriting Development

These notes are from a series of workshops from our school – this particular series was on supporting your children’s handwriting development. There are some annotations and additional resources which I have added. Supporting Emerging Writers Be a writing role model – If they see you write for a purpose, watch the process, listen to youContinue reading “Supporting Handwriting Development”

Review: Trinity San Yu (Mandarin Program)

I am generally a proponent of allowing the children to choose what they want to do for their extra-curricular activities, but there is one subject I cannot compromise on – Mandarin. Having grown up all my life being shamed for my lack of Chinese-speaking skills, this is one “sin of the mother” that I cannotContinue reading “Review: Trinity San Yu (Mandarin Program)”

How Can We Ignite Creativity in Education?

creativity (noun) the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. synonyms: inventiveness, imagination, innovation, innovativeness, originality, individuality; artistry, inspiration, vision; enterprise, initiative, resourcefulness What is creativity? It is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the worldContinue reading “How Can We Ignite Creativity in Education?”

Parent Engagement Increase Children’s School Performance

As parents, we’re always looking for ways to help our children do better at school. One way that really works, according to John Hattie, is “Parent Engagement“. When we are committed to our children’s education (as defined below), the net positive effect can be as much as adding another two to three years of schooling experience. That kind of impactContinue reading “Parent Engagement Increase Children’s School Performance”

Educating Children for an Unknown Future

There is a really interesting article I read recently by Mitchel Resnick promoting the idea that education should be one Lifelong Kindergarten. The logic for his argument goes like this… Education Must Change to Prepare Children for an Unpredictable Future The world is changing so rapidly that we cannot possibly imagine what it will be like when ourContinue reading “Educating Children for an Unknown Future”

Visible Learning into Action – Real Success Stories Around the World

“In nearly every school, success is around us; if only we had the courage to reliably identify and esteem it.” – John Hattie There have been a lot of recommendations on how to make our school education system better for our children – some of it backed by research, some not. While many of these recommendationsContinue reading “Visible Learning into Action – Real Success Stories Around the World”

Philosophy for Pre-Adolescent Children – Worth it or Waste of Time?

I read an article recently on why children – as in primary school children – should study philosophy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the article again to dissect it further, so I did a little background digging instead… Why Should Children Study Philosophy? There is evidence that children who study philosophy: are more likely to achieve betterContinue reading “Philosophy for Pre-Adolescent Children – Worth it or Waste of Time?”

How Can We Support Math Learning at Home?

These methods for teaching math are based on a better understanding of how children learn. The intention is for the students to understand the “why” behind the shortcuts in math that we are taught to memorise. As a result, they help more students develop their confidence in math. 3 Stages of Learning Jerome Bruner identified three stagesContinue reading “How Can We Support Math Learning at Home?”

What’s the Real Growth Mindset in Education

I have been following the work of Carol Dweck since I first read about her on New Scientist way back in 2008. A lot has happened since then, and we have learned a lot more about the Growth Mindset so I felt it was about time for a re-cap. Part of reviewing material after a period of time has elapsed is theContinue reading “What’s the Real Growth Mindset in Education”