Educational Goodies to Fill Your Christmas Stockings

Christmas is just around the corner and the boys are already in their festive mood so we thought these 14 Educational Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Educents would be a great way to kick-off our prelude to Christmas… Personalized Letter from Santa Want Santa to send your child a letter this Christmas? Check this out from Educents: Get a personalizedContinue reading “Educational Goodies to Fill Your Christmas Stockings”

Educational Books: The Human Body Detectives

If you’ve ever struggled to teach your children about their bodies and how to keep them healthy, then The Human Body Detectives is for you. Created by Dr. Heather Manley, The Human Body Detectives takes kids on exciting adventures into their bodies to learn all about how they work and what foods best feed them. DrContinue reading “Educational Books: The Human Body Detectives”

Educents Online Learning Resources

Don’t miss these bargains from Educents – available for a limited time only! 1-Year Subscription to PetraLingua Online Language Course Who is it for? Beginner language learners 5-9 What is included? Your choice of: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German or French; 12 months subscription. Each Online Multimedia Language Course includes: 20 everyday topics 80 animatedContinue reading “Educents Online Learning Resources”

NEW! Life of Fred Language Arts Books

The Life of Fred is a fictional narrative that introduces students to essential concepts in a fun and easy way. A hit with the kids, Life of Fred now offers a new Language Arts Series that covers concepts on spelling, grammar, punctuation and more… Best suited for middle school and high school students, these books can be re-read once every yearContinue reading “NEW! Life of Fred Language Arts Books”

Resources: Don’t Miss These Educational Tools for Minecraft Kids

Minecraft is not only fun, it’s also proving to be highly educational. Here are some of the skills your child can learn from playing Minecraft: Reading Writing Arithmetic Geometry and Spatial Reasoning Music Teamwork Basic Technology Science Creativity Basic Survival Skills Problem Solving Skills Nothing encourages fun learning more than connecting games to educational lessons. IfContinue reading “Resources: Don’t Miss These Educational Tools for Minecraft Kids”

Educational Gifts for Your Holiday Shopping List

I know it seems a little early to be planning your holiday shopping but these days, the early bird really does catch the worm. If you plan early, you can get something really meaningful, and you can also save more since you have time to look out for the really special deals. Magformers Challenger Set – WithContinue reading “Educational Gifts for Your Holiday Shopping List”

Magformers – for Fun, for Creativity, for STEAM Education

It’s a bird! It’s a submarine! No, it’s Magformers!!! This super cool toy promotes fun learning by using geometric shapes to form countless, colorful structures. Kids ages 6 and up can combine triangles, squares, hexagons and pentagons by their magnetic sides to build flowers, stars, cars, spheres, and more! Magformers are not only fun, theyContinue reading “Magformers – for Fun, for Creativity, for STEAM Education”

Ready-to-Go Geography Lessons

The study of geography is crucial to understanding our ever-changing planet, from political change and warfare to environmental conservation and population growth. Here are 10 reasons why children children should be encourage to learn geography – it helps them: To understand basic physical systems that affect everyday life (e.g. earth-sun relationships, water cycles, wind and oceanContinue reading “Ready-to-Go Geography Lessons”

Bringing Back Creative Play with Tegu Blocks

If you have nothing else, at least be creative. – How do you nurture creativity in children Why should we nurture creativity in children? Creativity increases their chances for success. Creativity helps them stand out from the crowd. Creativity opens doors for opportunity. Creativity can compensate of having a low IQ but having a high IQ does not compensate forContinue reading “Bringing Back Creative Play with Tegu Blocks”

Let’s Celebrate Grandparents’ Day!

“Because (grandparents) are usually free to love and guide and befriend the young without having to take daily responsibility for them, they can often reach out past pride and fear of failure and close the space between generations.” — Jimmy Carter Grandparents are really special people in the lives of our children. Since it’s Grandparents’Continue reading “Let’s Celebrate Grandparents’ Day!”