Montessori: Brilliant Minds Montessori Programs

The Brilliant Minds Montessori programs were developed by Dr. Meredith McCurdy for her students at Brilliant Minds Montessori in Sanford, FL. Dr. McCurdy is a Certified Montessori Teacher and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Syracuse University, a Master’s Degree in Child Development and Education from the University of London, England, and a Ph.D.Continue reading “Montessori: Brilliant Minds Montessori Programs”

Music: Piano Wizard Academy

What is the Piano Wizard Academy? The Piano Wizard Academy is a program on the computer that teaches individuals how to play the piano on a midi attached keyboard. The program runs like a game making it fun to play and learn. The program plays a song and students are required to press the correspondingContinue reading “Music: Piano Wizard Academy”

Music: The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method of learning music follows the immersion concept of learning a native language. The Suzuki Method differs from most traditional music schools in two ways: Firstly, children are taught how to play a musical instrument by listening first before they learn to read musical notation (most other music schools focus first on learningContinue reading “Music: The Suzuki Method”

Math: BrillKids Little Math

Ideal for babies and young children, Little Math is a revolutionary learning system by BrillKids for teaching Math. Little Math makes it easy for you to teach your children Math that is both engaging and fun for them. Here are the features of Little Math: Little Math has a comprehensive curriculum spanning over 12 monthsContinue reading “Math: BrillKids Little Math”

Reading: Speed Reader-X – Read Faster, Increase Comprehension

Learn how to read faster and remember more with Speed Reader-X. httpv:// Speed Reader-X Online includes everything you need to learn speed reading: Ten expert designed lessons averaging 10 minutes each Graphic test results show you how you are progressing On demand tests allow you to try out your ability anytime you choose Your ownContinue reading “Reading: Speed Reader-X – Read Faster, Increase Comprehension”

BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read

Little Reader is an effective learning system by BrillKids that can help you teach your children to read. About BrillKids Little Reader: Little Reader has a comprehensive curriculum that cover 3000 words in 180 categories with daily lessons over 12 months leading your child from single words to complete stories. It is easy to use.Continue reading “BrillKids Little Reader: Teaching Children to Read”

Music Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

Recently, I was talking to a mother about starting her daughter on a music program. Her daughter is 6 months old and she asked me what program I recommended. To be quite frank, neither of my sons did any music programs that young. The earliest formal music program I tried was Kindermusik with Gavin whenContinue reading “Music Programs for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children”

Music Resources for Learning Piano: Soft Mozart

Some what to my disappointment, Gavin hasn’t been very motivated to learn music so we have not made much progress. Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink… After receiving a demo version of Soft Mozart (a computer program for learning how to play the piano that is veryContinue reading “Music Resources for Learning Piano: Soft Mozart”

Review: Disney's Phonics Quest

When my parents were in Singapore, they bought Gavin Disney’s Phonics Quest.  It is a CD ROM game intended to teach children from kindergarten to learn how to read.  Although it is labeled for ages 5-8, I’ve already introduced Gavin to it. I was intending to record a video review of this game because IContinue reading “Review: Disney's Phonics Quest”