5 Reasons to Get Kids into Robotics

Leon Sterling, Professor emeritus, Swinburne University of Technology is an advocate for the teaching of robotics in schools and here’s why: Children find it fun – the two most engaging ways to introduce IT into the curriculum are robotics and computer game design. It is an effective way of introducing programming to students: Programming can be too abstract forContinue reading “5 Reasons to Get Kids into Robotics”

The Standard Deviants Teaching System

Found this interesting series of interactive educational videos that reminded me of the Rock ‘N’ Learn series and Bill Nye the Science Guy with subject matter aimed at an older group… The Standard Deviants The Standard Deviants was created by two college graduates with a golden idea to record full academic courses on video and make them funny. OverContinue reading “The Standard Deviants Teaching System”

Mystery Science Open-and-go Lessons for Kids

Mystery Science is a cool new science resource website offering open-and-go lessons designed to inspire kids to love science with hands-on activities that engage students with the mysteries of science and expose them to the joy of scientific inquiry at an early age. Online modules include everything educators need, from visuals and videos, to step-by-step activity instructions andContinue reading “Mystery Science Open-and-go Lessons for Kids”

What’s the Big Deal about Coding?

Coding has been hailed as one of the most important subjects of 21st Century education that every child needs to learn, but is it really all that important? Here’s why learning to code is more than just learning another language… “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teachesContinue reading “What’s the Big Deal about Coding?”

Career Spotlight: Writer, Author

So G1 wants to be a writer when he grows up – an author, to be more specific – so I dug up these resources for our budding writer… Guide to Becoming a Writer for Kids and Teens: First, be a reader; then go read some more. Start writing: Write for the school paper; or startContinue reading “Career Spotlight: Writer, Author”

Tynker: Teaching Kids a New Language – Code

In 21st Century education, it is important for children to learn another language but this language is not the usual languages we have become accustomed with. This is the language of computers and technology – code. The realisation of this importance has led to the development of many new programs aiming to teach young children aboutContinue reading “Tynker: Teaching Kids a New Language – Code”

The Rosetta Stone for Learning a Second Language

Now that the kids are older, I have been looking for a more complete language program to help them work on a second language. Aside from the fact that being bilingual is really good for the brain, I really want them to be able to speak Chinese because they are Chinese. It is my deepest hope that theyContinue reading “The Rosetta Stone for Learning a Second Language”

Music Apps and Programs: Learn Guitar with eMedia

Ever since our experience with the Piano Maestro app, I’ve been looking for similar apps that help teach other instruments so we can learn to play these instruments “on the go”, in our own time. eMedia – you may already be familiar with their children’s programs for piano, violin and guitar – has an app forContinue reading “Music Apps and Programs: Learn Guitar with eMedia”

Educents Online Learning Resources

Don’t miss these bargains from Educents – available for a limited time only! 1-Year Subscription to PetraLingua Online Language Course Who is it for? Beginner language learners 5-9 What is included? Your choice of: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German or French; 12 months subscription. Each Online Multimedia Language Course includes: 20 everyday topics 80 animatedContinue reading “Educents Online Learning Resources”

Math Resources: Free Online Math Programs

The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics – Paul Halmos So here are some great free Math resources for kids to practice their Math on… Math Playground Math Playground offers free online Math games for kids… NRICH Created by the University of Cambridge, NRICH is a project that aims to enrich the mathematicalContinue reading “Math Resources: Free Online Math Programs”