Post-Natal: Getting Fit Again

Post-delivery there is a dicey period where you have to be careful about what you’re doing.  As eager as we all are to start exercising and shedding off all that excess post-baby weight, there are exercises that you should and shouldn’t be doing.  It is especially important to find out what you can and can’tContinue reading “Post-Natal: Getting Fit Again”

Post-Partum: 6 Week Follow Up and Separated Muscles

I had my six week post-partum follow up with Dr Wong last week.  Everything checked out okay.  My uterus is back to its original size and position – damn, so my excess belly has nothing to do with the uterus and is just excess flab left over from the pregnancy?  Perhaps I should have goneContinue reading “Post-Partum: 6 Week Follow Up and Separated Muscles”

Post-Delivery Bowel Function

One of my biggest fears immediately after delivery is going to the toilet.  Between the piles from hell and my stitches, I couldn’t bring myself to poop until the doctor gave me something to soften my stools.  Technically, if you aren’t constipated, you should be able to apply enough force to poop without tearing yourContinue reading “Post-Delivery Bowel Function”